June 3rd, 2003

  • felyn

why is it...

that when you tell people the paint is wet, they will touch it to make sure? especially when there's a sign...

why can't they just take your (or the sign's) word for it?

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  • valera

Winamp 3

In Winamp 3, when you right click on a song in the playlist and go to 'View file info' it shows you the file location at the top (e.g.: file:C:\mp3s\mysong.mp3). But if the filepath is too long, it cuts it off, just showing whatever fits in the file info window.

Question: Is there any way to get it to show the whole filepath?


What was up with ESPN covering spelling bees, and even reports on the sports radio stations?

Since when did spelling bees become a SPORT?
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(no subject)

Somebody asked me the other day how it's possible that I'm ambidexterous, because to them it just didnt seem feasable that one can write (and etc) with either hand. I didn't really have an answer, because I don't know what causes people to be righties or lefties in the first place. So, is it a hereditary thing, or just completely random?

And also, is it true that lefties are more artistic and that righties are better at math and stuff?