June 2nd, 2003


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1. With patriotic feelings aside, who played the most important part in defeating Nazi Germany - America, Britain, France or Stalin ?
me : Stalin

2. What would you call / have you called your children?
me :
Girl -> Isabella Noelani
Boy -> Joshua Nathan
Nevermind The Bollocks
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tornado dreams

what is the significance of tornadoes in dreams?
i have had recurring dreams of tornadoes for more than four years now.. (including one last night)
.. so any information would be helpful
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"network television premiere"

have you ever noticed that some movies are advertised on tv as "network television premieres" when you've seen them before, on that particular television network even? or am I making things up again? I swear its false advertising 99% of the time though.
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If you could be famous, what would you like to be known for? What would be your ability?
actress/actor, athletic, writer, musician, lover, singer, dancer ect....
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I just found that my sister snuck a candy bar into the shower with her so that she could eat it while she bathed. One of my friends continually showers with her socks on.

What is the weirdest thing you've done relating to bathing?
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I think that I may be depressed. As in clinically depressed. I havent jumped to this conclusion, and now I'm ready to seek professional help.

I'm not sure whether my heath insurance covers this, but when I call, do I ask for a psyciatrist or a psycologist?

Also, do you know anyone who was or is depressed, and how d they deal with it? Is there something I can do besides getting professional help?