June 1st, 2003

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I am one of those people for years, who purposely set their clocks half an hour a head of the real time.

Why have I done this...do I expect to trick myself every morning when I wake up?
Why the hell have I done this for so long??
and why havent I ask myself this question before?
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what is the coolest/prettiest/best flower?
---->i love calla lilies because of my mom

what is the sweetest thing that a guys done for you or someone you know?
---->i haven't yet had my own sweet experience, but just recently my brother covered his girlfriends room in flowers for her 18 bday..i want a guy like my brother! well, sorta..
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Stargazer Lily

Should I have said it?

I met this guy off line about a month or two ago. He's really nice, kinda cute, funny.. i don't know him well enough to say i'd go out with him, and i only met him twice, and he lives about 2 hours away at the moment (he is looking for work as a cop and may possibly re-locate). So we went out twice and both times there was some make out happening just kissing and touching..

I like him okay but he is far away and i don't know him all that well. Well, chance came up for me to go on a date last night, plans were sketchy and it didn't happen, but i mentioned this to my soon to be cop friend and i felt bad afterwards, i mean, i felt like i hurt his feelings and of course i asked if he was okay and of course he is going to say that he is.. but somehow i could sense something in his voice..

i just feel bad for telling him.. though there is nothing with us.. we only went out twice and i don't know if either one of us is wanting to be with another in that manor.. but i'm 20 and still looking around..

Was it wrong of me to say it?