May 29th, 2003


ok so an observation...

Why is it that at the store the condoms, preg tests and baby food are all in one aisle? But the baby food is across from the condoms and tests so I see a little psychology working here....who would have thought to do that?
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Interview tomorrow!

I have an interview tomorrow for a part time position for a multimedia firm and they need someone who is good at programming flash and director. While I am pretty decent in director, my flash programming skills leave much to be desired. But I need this job! I need a foot in the door! What would you recommend? Lie and say that I can? Or can I phrase it in such a way that I can simply learn as I go? Any advice would be superb.
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Damn it, Janet.

If you were to buy an electric guitar, what would you buy? If you already own one, what kind is it?

I want to get more familiar with them, if you're wondering. ~~currently has no clue about their world~~

What color should I dye my hair next?


Have you ever gotten so emotional while listening to an upbeat song, that you almost burst into tears?
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when is the movie "confessions of a dangerous mind" coming to video, or dvd rather...

i searched around but i couldn't find a date. it seems like it was ages ago that i saw it in the theatre, and i'm dying to watch it again.