May 27th, 2003

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How to kill a vampire

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to kill a vampire who is awake and moving around at night?

Not that this happening :D ...just looking for resources on a story I am writing.

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*quick question*

so, in the USA, does everywhere pretty much have 4 gardes of high school? meaning you graduate at the age of 17?. was it always like this?
we just started that this year since like ancient times, here in Ontario Canada. too bad it wasn't changed back in my high school times. that would mean i would have finished. LONG STORY. but, i just wanted to know....

did this happen to anyone else?

Did anyone else get added to cacklefans ? It was just started yesterday and they made me a part of their community and about 9,000+ other lj users. I checked it out and people asked why they were added and the mods have a reason for each and every single person they added!

So i was just curious to see if anyone else was added to their community.
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erk, rather lengthy post!

what's your favorite beach boys song?

do you have msn?

---->if so, do you get porn messages from weird people? *shudders*

what's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you or about you?

can someone recommend me some good christian authors?

how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had? when did you have them (highschool, college, etc.)

did you have guyfriends/girl-friends when you were in highschool? people you could actually talk to?

how do you tell if a guy/girl actually likes you?

am i old fashioned cause i think the guy should pay, ask the girl out, ask the girl to marry him, be the first to kiss the other...etc?

isnt flirting one of the best things ever?!?!!
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Floating Head!

Well then!

Just out of curiosity..

Should you die tomorrow:

a: Who would write the eulogy?
b: What would the eulogy say?
c: Would it be honest?
d: Do you think you've lived up to it or exceeded it?
e: Could you write a eulogy for yourself? What would it look like?

(I'm just bored.. I think this is semi-interesting.. I hope I don't piss anyone off.. :)
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Young Adult Novels

What do you think of books written specifically for Young Adults? I'm not talking about teeny-bopper books, but books aimed at high-school aged kids. I know a lot of adults who enjoy Young Adult novels, although personally I never quite understood the appeal. These sort of books usually have a teenager as the main character, as well.

Also to go with the first question, has anyone read House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer? It's been chosen as the book of the month for one of my reading clubs, and I'm trying to get past my dislike of "Young Adult" novels and give this one a try, but any positive feedback would really help. :)
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Roasted Garlic

I bought a baggy of Elephant Garlic and roasted it. For some reason it's not as good as I thought it would be. It's green and sort of odd tasting. It's very nutty and sweet though. This isn't what I remember roasted garlic tasting like. Have any of you ever roasted your own? What was the outcome?


should i go work at camp and have the time of my life this summer, or should i find a job and work for money this summer? (i'm in grade 11...should i be saving for college?)
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Crafting Question...

Can someone give me some ideas of things to do at a carnival... ideas for booths for children? Crafts, etc?

There is a carnival being held - a celebration of sorts - on what would have been Samantha Runnions birthday in July... anyone in California probably recognizes that name. Im volunteering at this carnival - and need ideas on what to do that is easy for children. Thanks :-)
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An Urban Legend

You all know the urban legend about a guy waking up in a tub of ice with one of his kidneys gone, right?
Well, I got into a discussion with a friend over this. If you woke up in that situation, would you stay in the ice? Or would you try to get out and risk the pain?
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