May 24th, 2003

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For those of you in the United States....

Do you have a flag flying this weekend?

Do you always have a flag flying or is it up just for this weekend?

If it is just up for this weekend, why not fly it all the time?

My answers:

I do have a flag up... and it is always up - not just for this weekend. :-) (Ive just looked out my window and there are a lot of flags out - that arent there all the time - and I wonder why people dont just leave them out all the time)
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Does anyone ever ponder how Hot Topic came into existance?

I know that it's part of Gap, but how did they decide on such a thing? I would have loved to be in the room when they came up with it.
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MPEG player


Anyone know of a free/shareware mpeg player that will play any MPEG fullscreen? Or why certain MPEGS don't allow Win. media player to go full screen? I think the same thing happens in Quicktime and Irfanview. It's weird.

While I'm at it, is there an easy piece of software to convert MPEGS into VCDs that I might be able to watch on a home DVD player? I have a cheap APEX (1010D I thnk) that advertised a whole bunch of video formats, and I think VCD was one of them.

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Why is it that everyone now seems to have friends only journals?

If anyone here follows baseball and the Yankees, do you think that Bernie Williams or Nick Johnson, if selected to play, would be ready in time for the All-Star game?
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