May 21st, 2003


bathroom door?

Since the weather has gotten warmer and more humid my bathroom door has apparently swelled up and won't really close. At least not without a fight and a horrible noise.

So my question is, without getting a nerw door, or constantly icing my current one, is there a way to make it stop?

Is there anything I can doo, besides break it off and cry to the landlord?


Why would someone claim bankruptcy? What are the benefits and downfalls of claiming it? How severely in debt would someone have to/should be in for bankruptcy to be a viable option?

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OK heres the deal. My computer runs slow sometimes. Its a Gateway computer that i received as a gift in Dec 2001. When I mean slow, I mean as far as internet speed. What can I do or add to make it go faster?

I'm new.

Why is it that EVERYONE sucks in math? I mean, yeah, some people are good. But in the end, everyone sucks in math.

Especially algebra and geometry. Heck, I know I suck. I had to pass this Algebra test for school. The least I could pass it with was a 70%. I think I passed it with a 72, or something.
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Yes, I really did pass it. Can you? Here, let's pretend this is school. Whoever gets the most right, gets a prize. Maybe an activation code or two? Or three?
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cherry trees

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Why do so many women still change their names when they get married? I don't get it.

I mean, I can see doing it if your maiden name is really cumbersome, or you don't get along with your father. And if both of you hyphenate or combine names, that's cool as a symbol of combining into a family.

But if it's just the woman, why bother? It's a big bureaucratic headache, and it doesn't make you more or less married. I've been married 8 mos., and no one's ever had a problem that my last name's different from my husband's.
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I dont know if anyone would know how to figure this--but Hey, it cant hurt to ask.

I am trying to figure out what score I would need on my final test to recive on A in one of my classes.
We had five tests this semester(our whole grade is based on the tests)
3 were worth 50 pts and two were worth 75. The best score of our 3 50 point tests was doubled and the best score of our 75 pt test will be too.

Here are my scores so far :

test 1: 46/50
test 2: 44/50
test 3 46/50
then the 46/50 was doubled so that's 182/200

then with the 75 pt test on the first one i got a 68/75

I have one more test to take tomorrow so assume that the 68 is my high score of the two that is 136/150

for a grand total so far of 318/350

*note* I forgot I have to have 3pts taken off for missing a day of class(we could miss 1 free day but I missed 2 total)

so that's 315/350

I know this is going to be my lowest scoring test and I'm studying al ot for it but I dotn know if I can pull off an A, I just dont want to end up with a C or a low grade in the class.

btw-I'm sure the formula to figure out the score i'd need is easy, but I suck at math.

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What are newsgroups, and how do they work?

My boyfriend is always talking baout getting stuff off newsgroups and I dont get it.

What is it?

And how do I connect to it/them/whatever I'm talking about?


Two questions:

Do you think Clay Aiken from American Idol is gay?

Where's a good place to get wierd socks?

My answer to number one:
I believe so. Aside from him making my gaydar go nutty all through the season, his speech at the end of tonights show just made my jaw drop. He talked a lot differently before Ruben won. I've noticed a few other really small things.. But nothing else worth mentioning. If he is, all I can say is "awwwwwwwwwwww! " =) He's a cutey either way.
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Since i am done for the school year, i would like to lose myself in a good book.

Does anyone has any suggestions for an intriguing biography??
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Floating Head!

Stupid question..

I have a stupid question.. and I'm arguing with a friend of mine about something retarded..

i have one little white spot on 2 of my finger nails.. *I* think they're calcium deposits or zomething.. but he's saying there's zinc.. Some sites are saying otherwise!! help - Am I dying?
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