May 19th, 2003


How important is graduating with my AA degree? Do I send announcements to everyone, or just close family? Since I am continuing my education to get a bachelors and a masters degree, does this degree matter at all? Should I go to the ceremony or just skip it?

A question (and my comment) on subjects I have often seen mentioned in this Community

What hides under NEW AGE ? (and nde's, psychic phenomenoms, and more). YOUR COMMENTS ... ???

Please first read MY thoughts :
... definitely not ALL "Phluff" ..
I've read in some of your journals the expression "fluffy bunny" for New Age and New Agers, which makes me laugh, being kind of sweetie-sweet ..
BUT .. I think this qualifier concerns only (as always) certain people who tend to 'shoot sideways', people that I would call
"esoteric tourists", exhaling ho's and ha's at any shudder, any experience with a twinge of super ...natural, of mysterious, a few candles and breaths of incense or anything that makes them feel they're different from the crowds.

"A 'miraculous' occurring is not a breaking of natural laws. It is these laws themselves that are still incomprehensible."
- Gurdjieff
For me, something quite different is happening (covered by that name as well). It is an emerging paradigm which does not deter from the basic One Truth underlying all existing religions. It might well constitute the beginnings/elements of a new 21st Century formula.
Through many tribulations and dramatic wounds and losses, humanity is painfully hoistering (is there such a word or am I making it up ? ) to another level of conscience.
Many phenomenoms are taking place, unexplained by science as yet, but which science will at some stage HAVE TO consider, accept and decipher.
What is the missing link between Monkey and Man ? it is ... US (not to mistake with U.S. only :-)
I feel we are still extremely basic, rough materialistic lumps ! with the seed within us, to give an image : an 'Angel' seed : the fully evolved beings which we will eventually grow into : the New Man.
All ocurring phenomenoms (Near Death Experiences, various psychic happenings, interferences from other levels of existence, talking to our Departed, cases for reincarnation) are glimpses of that other reality, which will be ours some time. (I personally experienced some of those).

Why 'play' skeptic ? because it's more 'in', more intellectual, more clever, to shrug shoulders ?
An open mind is willing to 'consider' and accept the nature of reality (multi form reality, not necessarily our only worldly one).
Any valid opinion has to be backed up by solid knowledge and studying along with the open mind.
That would include reading and studying the arcana of knowledge that the centuries and our ancestors have left us - not hidden by monks any more (ref : Movie: Name of the Rose), but OPEN to all inquiring minds. Knowledge is the key of true freedom.
Right now, some brilliant, "solid" people (doctors, intellectuals, university professors, etc ..) have taken the trouble to make extensive researches, and are delivering the result of their efforts. You will find a really EXTENSIVE bibliography (including of course some well known pioneers such as Kenneth Ring, Robert Monroe, Dr. Raymond Moody, Prof Ian Stevenson, and many, many others) in the appendix to a recent book (2000 for the US, 2002 for the French edition) by Dr. Melvin Morse, Professor of Paediatrics at Washington University titled : the Divine Connexion.
I can't think you won't enjoy and be fascinated !(cross posted)
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Reese - The girl everyone likes

a few apartment appliance questions, and a wedding question

We moved into an apartment, and since the beginning, the dishwasher hasn't wanted to clean ANYTHING besides silverware. We're mainly putting plastic (Ziploc containers and "dishes to go") dishes and cups, knives, and silverware in it. Only the silverware escapes unscathed- the dishes won't come clean and something white (the detergent?) is always caked on. There are dried water spots on EVERYTHING besides the silverware. I can clean the dishes before I put them in, and they still come out with residue and water spots. I'm pretty much at my wits' end, because washing everything before it goes in to get rid of food and drink, and then washing everything when it comes out due to fierce water spots takes a LOT of time.

My mother has suggested that maybe the water piped into the dishwasher isn't hot enough (the water in the shower doesn't get really scaldingly hot, nor ice cold), and my boyfriend and I have wondered if the pressure is hard enough (though two or four of the containers always up-ends, leaving us with water to pour out.)

We have tried doing the normal wash, the water saver wash, heated dry on and off, and Cascade powder and liquid. I don't know what else to try! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON?!

Is it OK to line the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil? The box of foil says it's a no-no, but the oven a) wasn't clean when I moved in, and b) isn't self-cleaning in the first place. Will the foil catch fire and burn the place down or something?!

Are there any rules as to what to wear for a summer wedding? It's my brother's wedding, but I'm not really in the ceremony. I realize I shouldn't wear white, because that's for the bride, but are there any other things I shouldn't wear? Anything I should make sure to wear? The ceremony will probably be inside, but it's in the Midwest so may be a bit humid.
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(no subject)

i'm doing a seminar for my law class....and my topic for the three day seminars is the legalization of drugs..(since marijauna is a hot topic *especially* in canada [where i live] right now.....thats what i and my partner are focusing on...

anyways, i was reading one of my research books and it classified alcohol as a drug..i'd never *really* thought of alcohol as a drug before...(or in a drug related context...)

so my question is....would you *personally* consider substances such as alcohol and caffine drugs? and as a follow up....why or why not?
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(no subject)

i bought a bob dylan record from a garage sale and i love it so much. i've been listening to it for hours everyday. but its badly beaten up. it does the repeating thing 3 seperate times. there is a lot of background static. and more skips than i can count. its not dusty looking and the needle on my record player is fairly new and also dust free. so my question is...

how does one clean a record?

its a vinyl record, not a cd. i've never cleaned any of my other old records because they have never had such poor sound quality.

what sort of cloth should i use, is there a special direction i should wipe the cloth? should i even use a cloth? is there any type of liquid cleaner i could use?
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(no subject)

Did you watch Mr. Personality?

What did you think of the show?

And the ending?

And what do you think about Monica Lewinsky being given a show on TV?

For me... I watched a few episodes, but definitely watched the ending tonight. I thought the show was overall pretty cheesy. And the ending was odd. I dont think it will last at all. And the fact that Monica Lewinsky was given a show - makes me sick to my stomache.
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(no subject)

Hi, this may be a really stupid question, but it has been bugging me for the longest time.

There are lots of ways to do smileys and stuff, whether it's :-) or ^_^ and I can usually follow most of them, but one still baffles me. What on eath does ^^; mean? I cant visualize it as a smiley in any sense of the term, yet its use suggests it is one. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it, thanks.
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(no subject)

i have three related questions, if anyone is patient enough. ;)

1.) what is the first known origin of angel mythology? not the Christian definition and creation of them- i know they 'existed' long before Christianity... i just can't remember which civilization came up with them or where i saw it, and any search i try comes up with only biblical references (or those badly made poem + midi music pages). -_-

2.) what are the titles of all the choirs of angels? i thought there were seven in the Christian tradition... but the only choirs i can find names for are Seraphim and Cherubim.

3.) is there any extensive research on the mythology of Nephilim, sans extra-terrestrial influence? for some reason, all the pages i've come upon are either overwrought alien conspiracy, or mention only the scripture from Genesis, without any kinds of theory.

please and thank you very much for any help with this.