May 18th, 2003


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If someone wakes you up in the middle of the night having sex, is it considered rude to blast Christina Aguilera at full volume?

Does anyone have any bad woken-up-by-sex stories? What did you do? If it hasn't happened to you, what would you like to do, in return?

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are you what you look like, or is what you look like you?

does absence make the heart grow fonder?

is it possible to love (not in a platonic way) two people at once?

how do we know which religion is the "right" one?

why are decisions so hard to make?

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question numero uno:
i'm watching a pepsi blue commercial that was on during the VMA's last's a bunch of monks singing, a bunch of cars drive up and then this guy drinks pepsi blue, and in the monastery, this group starts rocking out, and the chorus is like "first you say whoa, then you say yeah, .... throw your hands in the air.." and i really love that song, and i'm wondering if these are just actors, or if it's a real group, and which group is it??

question numero dos:
okay, i'm writing this story, and i need her to be like not trusting guys anymore, sorta scarred by this relationship, and the characters sorta tomboyish, and she's like 17. So what kinda things should have happened to her in this relationship of hers...?
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Will you edit/revise my essay for me?

In honor of tomorrow's game, Yankees or Red Sox?

Favorite Osbourne?

my answers: no--I'm sick of essays. Yankees. I'd say either Ozzy or Sharon :)

EDIT: I'm putting the essay here if you wanna help me with it ;)

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