May 17th, 2003

computer back up

After reading a few recent horror stories about computers gone bad, I decided I needed to do a back-up on my computer. I am using win 98 and the back up utility can do all files, or just the ones I choose. I don't want to do a total back-up, would take 9 cd-r's to do it, and I have the stupid programs on cd anyways. What are the critical file and folders do I need to back-up in case of emergency?I have already put my personal stuff, pictures and school files on cd-r. Any suggestions and helpful hints?
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violet maple

(no subject)

what's your personal greatest moment of "I couldn't do that again in a million years"?

I just got back from lunch and put my walkie-talkie down on the table next to the computer I use at work. I unlocked the closet where I keep my jacket, and then threw the key toward the table (about 5 or 6 feet away) and took my jacket off. I come back to my table and the walkie-talkie's antenna is going right through the keyring (not the stretchy part that goes around my wrist, but the little metal ring that's about 3/4" in diameter). And there was no one in the area who could've put it like that.

The sad part is, that might be the greatest accomplishment of my day.
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  • kalei


If you wanted to make a sign for a business or some kind of advertising, say to fit on a piece of posterboard (standard posterboard, something like 2 ft by 4 ft I think), how would you get nice straight lettering on the sign?

I tried Print Shop, but all it wants to do is print large letters on either a horizontal or vertical strip of regular sheets of paper. That could work, but I'm trying to make something with really large letters to allow it to be visible on the side of the road.

My next thought was stencils, but I can't find anything larger than 2" in a store, and when I search for stencils online I get artsy designs or HUGE parking lot type stencils.

Thanks in advance, I'm kinda stumped. I might end up biting the bullet and going to a sign shop, but I'm really broke right now so if I could come up with something easy I'd give it a shot.

Please help me find an answer...

Alright everyone...there is this song, that I have been in love w/for years, but I have never been able to figure out what it's called or who it's by. Someone told me that maybe it's called "The Art of Making Love" or something like that. It's a really, looooooong song, w/like a symphony, orchestra, classical sound to it, a huge "choir" so to speak sings any of the verbal parts, it's mainly instrumental though and extremely romantic. I hope that I've described this song well enough to at least get pointed in the right make direction, but I doubt it. Oh, if someone could help me figure this out, I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER! Please help....

Love Always,

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Stargazer Lily


How does Pepsi One have just one calorie when it tastes better than an ordinary Diet Cola?

whats the extra ingredient??

and why just ONE calorie? why not 5 or 10? an even number?

answer any or all....if you wish :)

what is your middle name?

do you ever wish that you were a different species? why?

what is your favourite colour?

can you knit? and if you can...will you knit me some mittens?

which one of your parents do you get along better with?

do you think that i am capable of being loved?

do fish have feelings?

what colour are your eyes?

do you spell words like colour and honour and favourite weird? (ie...without the letter u?)

favourite smell?

favourite time of day?

favourite month?

when's your birthday?

would you ever eat a caterpiller? (ew..)

if you could get a 'do over' for anything in your life..what would you change?

whats your best friend's name?

okay...i think that's enough questions for now...well...maybe one more :P end this crazy list of questions....why did you choose to answer one/many/all/none of these?
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