May 16th, 2003

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Ok here are some relationship/Love type questions

How many of you have gone a long time with out being in a relationship? If so how long was it?

I ask because I didnt really date much in HS(I was really busy and just wastn into dating, not to say I did not have crushes I just had no real desire to date) but from the ages of 18-23 I dated a lot(some were very, very short term. I had my share of random drunken hookups(Hookups being making out NOT one night stands) and I had actual relationships(my longest was almost 18 months)

but I have not really dated anyone in 3yrs. I have been on dates but the longest i've stayed with anyone was 1 month.

I try not to be picky and I'm open minded and dont have a look or type that I go for--but I've had no connections or sparks with guys I've been with(and some of them have been just plain stupid--there is no other way to put it)

I just have this fear of never finding anyone.

And if you are a guy and you met someone who had not been in a relationship for a long period of time, would you be wary to date them or think there was something wrong with them??
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Difficult Question

I live in the L.A. and being here, one occasionally encounters people who are on TV or in movies. (Why is one "on" TV, while one is "in" movies? A little sub-question!) Usually, I know them right off the bat, because I make it a point to learn the names of actors who are really unusual. But I've spotted an actor who has me completely stymied!

And the worst part is, I can't name any movies or TV shows with which he is associated.

I can offer description only...

- He is British (or possibly Australian)
- His fame peaked in the mid to late 80's
- He played a lot of bad guys... never the main bad guy, but the bad guy lieutenant.
- He often had a "New Wave" feel to him. He'd wear a leather jacket, but with like a net T-shirt. He'd have a feather earring, or something really goody on.
- He has black spiky hair (in the movies, he's gone grey in person)
- He has a high forehead with no widow's peak.
- He has a heavily lined face with a wide mouth like Willem Dafoe.
- In fact, I'd say he's a British version of Willem Dafoe.
- Ah! Willem Dafoe meets Adam Ant!
- He looks a little like a gruff Adam Ant with spiky hair.

- He was in a lot of goofy thriller movies in the 80's. Lower Budget/Straight to video/Showtime at 3 AM, but you sneak downstairs because it said, Language/Violence/Nudity in the little booklet.

Just throw out anything at all. Any and all leads will be appreciated! Even if you can think of something along lines of "I think I know what you're talking about ... I think I saw him in a movie with ummm, uhhh, Kim Catrall. Something like that will help immensely, because right now, I got nuthin'.
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As shown by my last post (there are extenuating circumstances that led to me posting it wrong), I don't know how to correct entries made at communities.

Anyone who has conquered that particular art form, please tell me. I feel like such an idiot.

So, in question format, how do you edit entries made at communities?
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Coworkers and marriage

Have you ever worked with your spouse? Or fallen for a coworker and eventually got married and continued to work at the same place? How did that work out? Did it work out?

Curious, as I'm eating cake handed out by two engaged folks here at work.
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Rate me, my friend

So what do you all really think of those "rate me ::cough cough:: look at me, pay attention to me, I need attention otherwise I'll shrivel up and die ::cough cough::" communities? Are they just silly or are they rotten? Do you just not care?

Do you belong to one (or more)? Do you just post and wait to be judged, or do you do the judging? Why do you engage in those activities?

On the flip side, if you don't belong to one, why don't you?
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So when you move your neck too suddenly and there's that *pop* feeling and then a warm tingle:

a: what is popping?
b: what is that tingle?

I have a feeling I've been told this at one point or another but I certainly don't remember. This happened to me last night at work and got me curious.
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Ok, maybe some of you are tech-savvy.

Some time ago, I tried burning a cd on my pretty little burner and there was a error. Of course now the drive won't open and like the little light just blinks. The CD is not stuck in there. It just blinks.

What's going on?

If anyone has any idea, that would be great.
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Just a few questions :)

Okay, because I'm horrible in physics and dearly need to bring up my grade, I'm doing the extra credit assignment on batteries. The assignment is to write about the following questions:
- How does a battery work?
- Why do they eventually run down?

I need more help with the second question, I couldn't really find a good answer.

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Oh, and by the way... What color is your bedroom? Mine is two different shades of blue that are right next to each other on the color swatch, but match up almost perfectly with the back wall colors at Yankee stadium (I didn't plan it that way when I painted last August either).

And how often do you paint your room?
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