May 15th, 2003


Larry Flynt V. The people

True or False:

In the case the People V. Larry Flynt, Flynt was arguing that the 1st Amendment protected pornography, even when it was disgusting and offensive and hard-cote, as in his HUSTLER magazine?

*i had to see the movie for class, and never got around to it.
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Can someone help me find a diagram of a hard drive's layers? I'm supposed to build a model of all of the layers in a hard drive - both magnetic and non-magnetic and I'm struggling on finding one.
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1. What do you consider to be physically beautiful when it comes to both sexes? I am not speaking of inner beauty, only outward beauty, mainly face, body, hair, etc. however you can add clothing and such to this.

2. What do you consider to be ugly when it comes to both sexes? This to is the same as the above. I only want outward ugliness. Being the face, body, hair, etc. and clothing and such if you need.

3. Any other thoughts you have on these subjects


instead of the usual "what are your plans" what would you REALLY like to do this weekend?

I to go to Las Vegas and win!
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any home remidies for a dry scalp, that don't include mayo?

Please? I hate dandruff and I've got it. ugh.

(I can't wash my hair everyday and I usually don't but the weather has been funny and I worked out a lot yesterday and had to shower and it killed my head)
jill shadow


I missed the last few minutes of Friends. What I remember is Phoebe getting back with Mike, and I rmember Rachel finally telling Joey how she felt. What happened at the very end?
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