May 14th, 2003



ok so i had to read "A Rogue State" by william Blum (not noam chomsky)....

CAN ANYONE TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK??? More specially the thesis you would consider for this book!!!

You'd be my bestest friend EVER!!!

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One of my neighbors approached me a couple days ago to ask if I might be around on Friday night to babysit his daughter (she's upwards of 14 months old). I happily agreed, as I'm too lazy to actually look for a legitimate job (I'm 16, so legitimate here means something in the vein of McDonalds). However, I've never taken the babysitting course at the Red Cross, and have never been left unattended with a baby for more than 15 minutes. I really want to do a good job; this neighbor said if I wanted, I could start babysitting her a lot over the summer. He also said that he'll pay very well. So, how much should I expect to be paid for babysitting for 4 hours?

Also, anybody have any pointers? Suggestions? Horror stories from your teenage babysitting years?
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Thanks everyone for your advice in getting my butt in gear last night.

I have a question now, totally unrelated.

Is anyone else getting these brownish underlines on words on their friends page?

They're not exactly links becuase it's just on ordinary workds like "boyfriend" and "flower" but if you click on them it takes you to some related page, like lavalife or 1800florists.

Do you know what I'm talking about or is it just me? And if it is just me, then why is this happening?

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when I get a cold, one nostril will clog up for a couple hours. Then all of a sudden, without my notice, the clog will flip to the other nostril!!! I assume this is the way it is so that I can continue to breath, but still, HOW DOES MY NOSE DO THAT?!?!?
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is my layout screwy on anyone's computer? At home its fine, but at school the 'previous 20 entries' that goes at the bottom of the page comes up on the left next to the most recent entry in my journal. Does this happen for anyone else? Also, the bar that goes at the bottom of the page with the 'live journal homepage' link is at the top, and cover's up my name.

Thanks in advance.
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This is killin me and has been for some time.

What seriously is the deal with places giving out ketchup and hot sauce at the drive thru window? Its like it is a sacred thing that they cant get rid of.

I ask for hot sauce with my food from Del Taco. They give me 2. Thats enough for one taco for me. So I ask for more and they give me a dirty look and give me 2 more. And I ask - still - for more. They get SO upset with me.

This happens ALL the time at so many different drive thrus. What is the deal??? Do the employees get smacked on the hand with a ruler if their condiment basket gets too low? GEEZ!!!! Or do they get it taken out of their paycheck if they give out too many condiment packs? I doubt either answer is yes, so what is the deal????????? Blech!
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Sbux employee

Hey all. I'm a starbucks employee and I've got a few questions for you. What's your favourite drink, and why? Do you like anything specific that's not on the menu?

I'm thinking of creating a website reference of starbucks drinks that aren't on the menu. A lot of people ask me for drinks not on the menu... all employees have their favourite drink, and usually it's something weird (like a raspberry white mocha, or a pumpkin pie latte).

So what's yours?

Mine is a iced grande breve chai latte. With whip cream and cinnamon on top. Breve is half and half... it has almost no carbs in it and you can't taste the difference once it's in the drink. If it's not that... then it would be a vanilla latte. Iced.


I didnt really watch it, but I'm kinda curious to how Dawson's creek ended. Who did joey end up with? what about dawson? what about josh jackson? the blonde girl is dying i heard. did she have a baby?