May 13th, 2003

@!%& Job Search

When submitting a resume via e-mail, should the cover letter be an attached document or the body of the e-mail? And if it's an attached document, what should go in the actual e-mail?
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Which livejournal account - user or community - do you find most entertaining and interesting? Please list the account name and why its just so fabulous/interesting/bizarre/entertaining/chewy. Introduce us all to your favourites!
editing like an editor

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What do you put in a resume? If you're in college, can you still put in positions you held in high school? Awards from elementary school? Where do you draw the line?
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Does anyone here watch Miracles... the show that was on Monday nights after The Practice (which has now ended *sniffle* and no I didn't like the ending. *misses the show already*) Does anyone know what happened to it? Is it gone? Or just on a break b/c they were trying to finish up The Practice or what?

*misses Miracles, too* *sniff*
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