May 12th, 2003

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I live in a furnished apartment - everything is in this apartment, from fridge and washing machine to cutlery, fridge, beds, pillows and lamps. I've lived here 6 months now, and am looking at renewing my lease - this place rules!
However, I'd like to get rid of the furniture. The couch is ugly, the tops of some of the tables are scratched and have cigarette burns from the previous tenants. What are the chances of having them remove this furniture and letting me put my own in? I'm paying an arm and a leg for this apartment, and I'm a good tenant generally. So, what say you general public?
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Stupid IE question...

Is there any way to prevent Internet Explorer from "word-wrapping" at inconvenient points without resorting to using <pre>?

I wrote a little program that converts an image into "ASCII-art" (essentially a really primitive version of AA-lib) The program generates its results in an HTML file that follows a format kinda like this:
<HTML header stuff>
reallybiglonglineofcharactersthatdon'thavespacesbetweenthem<br />
reallybiglonglineofcharactersthatdon'thavespacesbetweenthem<br />
reallybiglonglineofcharactersthatdon'thavespacesbetweenthem<br />

IE, in its infinite wisdom, decides that I really want it to wrap the long line of text at certain characters like ( and [. The page works just fine in Mozilla/Netscape 6+. So, yeah, is there a way to tell it to not do this?

Edit: <pre> works fine. Silly me.

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1) did anyone watch the 90210 Reunion, if so what did you think?

I liked it, but wish Tiffani had been on it(becasue Val was my favorite character) and yes I know I am a dork for liking this show but I dont care :)

2) what is DDR(dance dance revolution) I know what it is, but what is the appeal of it. Now granted I have never played it, but I just dont get what is so excitng about it.

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To go along with the question about your worst qualities.

what are your best/good qualities?

My answers:
I'm very loyal to my friends, I have a great memory I never forget birthdays or holidays and I pick out excellent gifts(I put thought into choosing gifts and cards) I Like to little things to make people happy or cheer them up.
I'm hardworking and trustwrothy if I say i'll do something I do my best to follow through.
I have a very strong work ethic, for example I started my job at the School Supply store 11 months ago and have only missed work once(obviously that's not counting days i asked for off) but i've only called in sick once(and I really was sick)
I also try to be non judgemetal and open minded.

The Sex Talk

How and when did your parents find out that you were having sex? And how did they react?

This question comes from a convo I had with my lab partners about it. Here we are, 21 years old, and they were still scared to tell their parents that they were doing the deed with their boyfriends. Then again, I understand, since it's not exactly a subject that you would bring up with your parents. But still.. we're adults, right?

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