May 11th, 2003

Tears over Music?

I have to ask you all this: What song(s) make you want to cry when you hear it/them?

Mine are:
Marcy Playground - Sherry Frasier / Opium / A Cloak of Elven Kind
The Get Up Kids - Overdue / Out of Reach / Don't Hate Me
Gary Jules - Mad World
Something Corporate - Konstantine

Those are the only ones I can think of. But most of the ones that make me want to cry were put on a Mix CD that my girfriend made for me when I went to Europe. Those songs are forever embedded in my heart.
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please sign

please go here even if you are not pagan as the form says those who sign it are, please sign it. It is very important to me. And anyone who even might remotely fit in any of those categories are going to be exploited. If this show goes on air, they will pick the most outrageous Wiccan possible, that is if they actually use a Wiccan to portray a 'witch' any one who uses magick is a witch, despite their religion. So could you all please go there and sign this. Maybe they will at least put up a little note on the screen before tehy air it, hopefully they won't air it, Who knows even if it is managed taht they air it at midnight than that would be better than making it primetime, and hopefully less likely for other channels to pick up on the thought of it.

In my hurry to get this posted I failed to notice that it was more of a request than a question, so here are two questions that go with it.
What do you think about the possibility of this Sci-Fi reality tv?
What are your thoughts on reality tv in general?
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(no subject)

I was reading the book 'The Sun Also Rises,' by Ernest Hemingway and had a question. On p. 106 it says "The bus stopped in front of a posada and many of the passengers got down, and a lot of the baggage was unstrapped from the roof from under the big tarpaulins and lifted down. Bill and I got down and went into the posada."

So, what is a posada? The only 'posada' I've ever heard of is the baseball player Jorge Posada.

How old are you?

What's your favorite type of bagel? How do you eat it? (toasted, untoasted, with cream cheese, etc.)

Do you have a dog? If so, what kind? Do you allow them on your furniture/to sleep on your bed?

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I'm a skeptic when it comes to things like psychic powers and things like that. Not that I don't believe that they exist, but I need real solid proof before I'll accept them.

I've come to the conclusion that my mother can read my mind. This isn't just mother-smarts type stuff - she sometimes says things I'm thinking, things she had no way of knowing. loanwords says that her dad can levitate.

Do any of the rest of you (skeptic-type people or no) know people who can do things like that? Were any of you serious skeptics about that sort of stuff, and then convinced?
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Family; aren't they grand...

For any background on this, just go to my journal. It's all explained there. You'll also get my answers, which is rare, since I usually don't give my answers to my questions.

Now, the questions:

Do any of you dread the holidays?

Is there any member of your family that you don't get along with?
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in need of Chem help!

the Q and the Situation:

Acetic acid (CH3COOH) is the principal ingredient in vinegar. Consider the following reversible reaction of acetic acid at equilibrium:
(CH3COOH(aq) <=> CH3 COO-(aq) + H+(aq)

ok, the questions asks me to use LeChatelier's Principle to predct the effect of adding excess Sodium acetate (Na+CH3COO-) on the concentraion of H+ present at equilibrium.

I know about LeChatelier's principle but there was no Na to begin with so I don't know what to do!

Can anyone help?
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Pretty in Pink

I'm watching "Pretty in Pink" right now, I love that movie. My sister and I think that Ducky is totally cool. Are we the only ones? And does anyone else absolutely love Jon Cryer?
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You only ever hear about guys' voices changing, but it really seems like girls' do, too. I'm watching ET right now (seriously, there's nothing else on), and Drew Barrymoore sounds TOTALLY different than she does now. So do girls' voices really mature, or do we just speak differently as we're older?

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How do you completely disable the Windows password protection, so when you boot up, it doesnt even ask? I know I've done this at least 3 times, but I can never remember how. Leaving the password field blank isn't what I mean, either.