May 10th, 2003

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For a presentation I'm doing on Monday in a Teaching Children with Special Needs class ... thanks for any help you can give :)

My group is presenting a final project on labels that change student potential - in particular the potential of a student who struggles with challenges... or is gifted. These labels (such as "brain", "poor", "sped", or "freak") can have positive or negative meanings.

What would you consider to be the most common labels with those you've worked with - and how have you dealt with changing those labels so that these individuals would succeed?

In short - do you have any label making or busting techniques to help people fit in? What do they face socially? How is that manifesting that in terms of their motivation and self-esteem? Why or how are these perceptions being maintained?

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this is a longshot but is anyone here at all interested in being a Child Life Specialist as a career?/ or does anyone even know what that is??

also--I just finished an orientation to volunteer at a local hospital. I am hoping to work in Pediatrics, and work with the kids. Anyone have ideas for activites(for the playroom) but also just for when I visit the kids, esp if they are shy or not feeling really well or scared.

my gola is to work my way up to organzing the playroom and activites but I need ideas to take with me, to show that I can do so---I have some already but i'm always open to new ones.

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Is anyone here a fan of the show Friends???

I just wonder because i'm a huge fan of it, and have been since it came out. I'm basically obsessed(but in a good way) not in the i'm a freaky, stalker with no life way, but in the good conversation starter, quirky way.

Hair! Lots of fluffy questions.

What color is your hair?
Ideally what color hair would you choose to have?
Curly or straight?
What would you change about it?
How long does it take you to do it in the morning?
How many products do you use on it every day?
What is your favorite product?
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Thought of this question just now. Is anyone a teacher. I am thinking of possibly becoming a History teacher, I would prefer 7th grade but I would go as high as 11th. can any of you tell me roughly what it's like to be a teacher, easy or hard, fun or boring, straing? exceptionally long or not very time consuming? and for any teachers at all, would you suggest just getting a B.A. or going all the way to a masters in teaching? before I start or get on and work on the other while teaching?

Thabk you for your help. And thank you all again for help on the cake question
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I'm watching Goldeneye, it came on the tv, it was through no choice of my own.

Why is it that all these women fall for Bond, I mean seriously. and adrenaline rush, a few smart alecky jerklike ascinine (SP?) comments and next thing you know they are having sex. What is up with that?
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Books, books, and more books...

I thought about these questions when I was thinking about my fave book. So now, I ask all of you:

What is your favorite book?

What book has impacted your life?

And because I hate the trite 'deserted island' routine, if you were picked for Survivor, what book would you take with you?
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