May 9th, 2003



ok, simple question for anyone out there...
does anyone live in delaware (or within easy driving distance) that's willing to possibly make a new friend who is completely miserable being away from her home state of cali?
read my latest post about friends if you want to know why i'm irritated about this... =o)
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does anyone know a recipe for making cake, like a birthday cake? where I could look to find a recipe? and how to make whip-cream based icing instead of normal icing too?

My sister's b-day is on the 14th and I wanna do something for her while still attempting to save money, so I figure a nice homemade cake would be a good alternative to a store bought present, as well as cheaper.
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does anybody here read JANE magazine? I love it and was considering starting a community about it. Things like our opinions on certain articles, do we agree or disagree with how Jane Pratt portrays certain people, etc.

If there are enough people on LJ who would join this community then I'll make it =) So please provide feedback! thanx!
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This is a little bit of an emergency guys. Do any of you know of any differences between Claritin D over the counter with Claritin D prescription?

My sister uses the over the counter now and she's having some serious problems that she didn't have with Claritin D prescription. Any help is appreciated.
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I cook with a glass pot. I'm calling it glass because that's what it looks/feels/sounds like, but it's possible that it's some sort of Plexiglass type thing. Anyway, after I'm done cooking, and I've poured the contents of the pot into the colander (draining thingy), there's always a ton of food (usually potatoes or pasta) stuck to the bottom (like, the inside, not the part that sits on the burner) of the pot, a lot of times all burned up. It's impossible the scrape off with a fork, and the bottom of this pot is ruined (aesthetically speaking). I don't think there's a problem with not enough water, because I keep the water level above the food being cooked and never below the half mark. I constantly stir when I'm cooking, so I'm thinking that's also a nonissue.

So what am I doing wrong to cause stuff to stick to the bottom?

Also, the pot in question is soaking in warm water, in an attempt to loosen the stuff stuck to the bottom. Is there a better way to get the stuff off?


I'm thinking of painting my room, maybe purple or brown with will take a lot of work.
My question is, does anyone know how much wall a normal sized tin of spray paint will cover and how many coats would be needed for an average wall to get good coverage??
In otherwords would it be worth using spray paint to paint one of the walls gold or will it cost too much?
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Does anyone know if anything besides language you can't use on network TV was edited out of tonight's showing of The Matrix on Fox?

(And also, if you are *still* living under a rock and haven't seen the Matrix, go rent it. Right. Now.)
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