May 8th, 2003


morning question

nearing the end of my work day... ah, sighs of happiness abound...
and a question for you all...

if you love someone, what is the best way to show it? what would you be willing to do for that person, assuming you want to spend the rest of your life with them? =o)
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(no subject)

Does anyone else hold weird grudges? Like, there's this guy at my company who's probably perfectly nice, but the sound of his voice makes me cringe because a)he's always talking about music like he's desperate to be cool, when he just isn't; and b)he was once trying to suck up to a speaker we had who was from my college and said the student newspaper was a lot better lately, "since its slump in the late 90's." Guess when I was there? (The question of who reads their college paper 15 years later is a good one, too.)

What are the weirdest grudges you hold?

Birthday bliss?

Does anyone else dread their birthday? Mine is tomorrow and I am sick, achy, single, and have nothing planned because it is the middle of my exams. In short - I am feeling sorry for myself! Is it just me or are the best birthdays 21 and before and it is all downhill from there ...?
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(no subject)

Do you ever bump into live journal users on more than one community or journal? For example...lets say you are browsing around and find someones journal interesting. You notice one of their frequent friends. A week later you see them in a random community you decided to check out. A week after that you see them either on another persons journal or community.

I thought it was odd, being that there are so many journals and communities and I've found myself "bumping" into people i've seen in other parts of live journal.
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An odd one...

Okay this is an odd question that may very well go absolutely nowhere, but it's something I thought of at dinner.

Stars are always living some place like California or New York, you never hear about stars living in Iowa or New Mexico or something. I was wondering if it would be possible to think of one star who is living in each state, not from the state, but actually living there. Anyone?
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LJ question

When you want a post to stay on top of your journal, in other words to make it the post that readers always see first, do you use the backdate option to do this and set the date for the future?
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