May 5th, 2003

What Would You Do?


Okay, here's the situation: You are unemployed with an ill mother in the hospital. She isn't dying, but had a disease that is incurable and causes a lot of pain. She has never been excellent with her money, but recently, the signs are bad. You have been getting calls 5-7 times a day from her Discover card. You simply hang up on them because you have no information, and your mother doesn't tell you anything about her finances. When your boyfriend answered once and told them she was in the hospital, they asked him who was in charge of her finances. Well, she is, of course. Sort of. Your older sister rents from her, but she recently got a notice saying that her electricity is being turned off because my mom didn't pay the bills (like $900 worth). Until her disability check comes in, there is no money to be had. You are looking for a job, but nothing seems to be available.

To make matters harder, you are going on 26 and never have been on your own. You feel like you need to move on and have your own adult life, but your mother, weak in the hospital, hinted she wants me to still live with her. I have visions of my great aunt. Her mother was ill, and so she stayed home to take care of her. She never moved out of that house until the day she died.

What would you do?

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Ok, here's the situation.

I have to go to the gyno tomorrow. I'm ultra super terrified of needles.

What can I tell them when they go to prick my finger to keep them from doing it? I mean, they're going to take blood out of my arm, shouldn't that be enough?
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I'm certainly using this group a lot

Have you ever had a good friend with a significant other, and said other is jealous so he/she gives your friend an ultimatum: Me or your friend? Or, have you been given the choice between your significant other and your friend? If so, in either case, what did you do? And how would you explain your choice?

(Obviously, I need some advice on this particular issue...)
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What are the correct titles for two of P. Diddy's songs:
- the one the goes "we ain't going nowhere"
- the one that's basically all about spelling the name P. Diddy out
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