May 1st, 2003



this is more of a techie question I guess..

I use a broadband router (D-Link DI-604) to share my internet connection with my parents. When I use it tho.. it puts up a firewall, or something of that sort. Normally I wouldn't care, but the firewall prevents me from logging onto multiplayer games. How do I open a port of some sort? Anyone know?

any help would be much appreciated.
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random thought

yeah, like all the rest of the shit in here isn't already random, but....

if anyone feels all motivated to go search me out peanut butter M&M's in the easter egg shape, i will seriously be your slave for minutes?!!?!

Also, if anyone knows if the song "Your Wake Up Call" by Lita Ford was ever in a movie? cause it really sounds like something I heard in a movie once...or maybe it just really really needs to be in a movie
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Do you think I was a jerk?

Check it out.

To be honest, I don't really care because not only was she spamming non - for sale type communities, she was spamming them twice due to not knowing how to edit a freaking post. lol.

So I guess I answered my own question. ;0)

Test edit using Semagic... I think it works ;)

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Just wondering--Reading about some of the people on my LJ list preparing for Prom and Graduations etc... I had to ask this

1) how many of you did not have an 8th grade graduation. My school did not, and I'm beginning to think that is rare, esp since where i work they have fricking graduation gowns on sale for little kids(for Kdg and preschool graduations)

2) did any of you go to a HS that only allowed Jrs and Srs to go to prom or was it open to anyone?? Ours you had to be a Jr or SR(or could be out of HS but had to be under 21)

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Is it shallow to be a little hurt when people don't comment on your entries? Or when people don't friend you back, especially when you let them know that you've friended them?

And what are the strangest LJ communities that you know of? Meanest? Most unique?
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Ok, I'm going to ask a question on emotions. I'm the basis for this question, mainly because I'm feeling all iffy and I need to know if others are like this:

Do you ever feel really happy for a little while, so happy you think your heart (emotional heart, feelings, not the heart that pumps blood) may burst, but then not too long later you feel horrible and sad, like your heart deflated?

Does anyone else go from one end of the spectrum to the other like me?

Is there any way (non-medical, please) to keep me from switching back and forth (aside from smoking a lot of cigarettes)?