April 29th, 2003

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Question regarding anorexia:

Do anorexic people look in the mirror and actually see themselves fat, or do they see themselves as they really are and just perceive it as fat?

I've always wondered.
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Catcher in the Rye

Anyone know the actual poem that is referred to in Cather in the Rye? Holden quotes it as "If a body/ catch a body/ comin' through the rye" and the boy quotes it as "If a body/ meet a body/ comin' through the rye". I've researched this to no avail.
violet maple

Un-send! Un-send!

This one's along the same lines as the person who asked if you've ever posted something in a community journal that you meant to go in your personal journal, but still different-ish.

Have you ever sent a risque IM, only to find out about a split-second AFTER sending it that you typed it in the wrong chat window?
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(no subject)

If you have an alarm monitoring system in your home and the power goes out, does that KO the alarm system? Will the monitoring company send a security guard to check on your house or something? Or does the system run independently of your home's electrical source?

Thanks muchly for any help!
jill shadow

Jet Skis

My husband was snooping around on Ebay and found this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2413038551&category=26455

Is this a good deal? We have a friend in the watercraft parts business and my husband thinks he can rebuild the engine for about 200 dollars. So basically we get a jet ski for 400 bucks. But we have to drive to Florida to get it. We're in Texas. Should we do it?
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(no subject)

I was just wondering how much renting an apartment usually costs per/month in Toronto, or somewhere just outside it. Can you help me out here?

I tried to google this, but all I come up with is renter's rights and rental cars.

*ps- I love Canada! I just went there a week and a half ago and it was beautiful, and people were actually nice! you guys rock!
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How do you find all of your friends?
Do you feel obligated to add people who add you (excluding friends only journals)?
Do you actually keep up with all of your friends?
I ask because of random journals I have seen with over 100 friends

(no subject)

Ok does anyone have info or experince with this website--I hve gotten 3 e-mails saying someone submitted reports or is looking for info on me. It does not say who or give any info other than saying that it's by people who supposedly know me well and are currently in contact with me.
SO does this look like spam or does it seem legit. If it is legit is there anyway(I looked but didnt see any) that I could tell these people to F off or get this webiste taken down.
If this is a legit site and a real thing I know it's prob some bitches I went to HS with who cant seem to grow up and get over harrasing people about the past.

Two questions

1. What's the hottest/sexiest song/video combo that you've ever seen?
-I think the top on my list is the song Wicked Game by Chris Isaac. It's just... hot! That twang twaaaang and the hot chick and the sand and Chris Isaac in a wifebeater and the 80's just makes it ultra coo.

2. If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?
-I would, but not totally. I'd ration myself. And no, that's not a way out :D
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