April 27th, 2003


Web Hosts...

Hey, me and my sister counterfeitkiss are working on a site and we decided we wanted to pay for it.
First question - what does front page extensions mean?
Second question - what is the best deal for personal web pages that is under $6.95 and has over 250Megs of web space?
Third question - we already have a free account with virtue.nu and we were wondering if anyone had a paid account there? Do you get a new URL like www.yourname.com?
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i wanted to join a gym. the only two places near me are curves for women and the ymca. has anyone had experiance with either? how are their programs? how much do they cost?

I pretty much want to be left alone when I work out... curves doesn't sound like they leave you alone :P although I want to be involved with some sort of fun class sometimes and work out alone other times... and i'd like trainers around if I have questions. I've never been to a gym.
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Since Christina Aguilera's 'Come on over' I have been a closet Christina fan, but today I am not ashamed, as well as 'Dirty' I love her new song 'Fighter' and the vidio for it where she's all gothed up is really good.

My question is:

Are the likenesses to Marilyn Manson and Madonna in the new Christina Aguilera video done on purpose and is there any significance?
They are really obvious and I refuse to believe that it could of been done without anyone noticing it, so why are they there?
Also did anyone have to sit there and think for a while before they realised it was in fact Christina, I recognised the voice, but she doesn't look the same with black hair does she?
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