April 24th, 2003

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Ok I am having work drama it's a verrry long story(if any of you are on my Friends list you know what I mean) so this is a two part question

1) I have a regular asst manager at work and this new person who is there for one month training to be a supervisor at a branch store. (we do not have a Manager due to our old one quitting) so my asst manager and some of the employees(actually almost all of them) do not like the training supervisor.
She has made some mistakes and she has an abrupt personality and siad stuff to piss a couple people off--but I have gotten to know her and she is not a bad person, she can be relaly nice and genereous.
I like my asst manager and I like the new person. But the new sup told me some stuff and her opinions on people at work(nothing too horrible but she did say stuff about people that if it was repeated would piss them off--it was nothing that was horribly upsetting just stuff you wouldnt want to repeat)

my asst manger also has said stuff about the supervisor(again nothing horrid--just making it clear she does not like her)

everyone is on the side of my asst manager except me and one other girl(who is pretty much neutral) I'm neutral too as I like both of them--
the other day I went out to dinner and hung ot with the supervisor--we closed and were hungry and she invited me,. We barely talked about work at all--but do you think it was ok for me to do so? I dont want to piss off the people I work with but I said nothing to her about what they said, we barely talked about work at all and I am not going to "pick a side" in this stupid Middle school crap.

this leads me to my other question. IT's kind of sad that a visiting training supervisor is the one who has tried to talk to me and get to know me and invitd me to hang out after work/outside of work. Now I have gotten to know the other emplyeees well and they do know stuff about me and we talk and get along great at work but I have never once been invited to do anyhthing outside of work.
I know that there are peole who do hang out too--but they never ask me. HOw Do I make it clear(without looking like a needy, clingy, ass kisser) that i'd like to at least be asked to do things or to get to know people better.

I was thinking of coming up with somethng to do but I have no ideas other than a movie--so any ideas.

btw I have really good self esteem and a great set of friends and in my other jobs i've been very good friends and hung out with other fellow workers, but not at this one. I dont know if they think since I work 2 jobs that I have no time to do anything or since I (unlike almost everyone else) dont waste my time gossiping that I wouldnt want too or what.
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This came up in English class yesterday..
Whats your deffinition of Beauty?
EDIT: ok.. i phrased that oddly. If you had to give a general deffination of what makes something beautifull what would it be. Nature included. Yeahh.. the mountains are beautiful too!
and totally unrelated...
Who do you think is the most infulental Scientist of the modern era?
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Why are people so obsessed with people's sexual orientation? Why does it matter so much? Why don't people ask about religion or political beliefs more? At least that makes sense, as it tells a little bit more about a person's personality.
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...and it's a question of <sarcasm>great importance, compared to "what is beauty?" or "what is the meaning of life?"</sarcasm>...

what should my next custom layout's subject be?

I wanna take down my current one after the Stanley Cup playoffs are over, but I dunno what I should base my next one on...

Possible thoughts:

  • Garbage/Shirley Manson
  • Eric Clapton
  • U2
  • The White Stripes

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Here's my userinfo...if you see an interest that you think would work well that I didn't list here, drop a line, y'know...

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What is the name of Chris Cornell's new band?

Was shampoo bottled and marketed first or were shampoo and conditioner marketed together?

What is the best way to get freelance jobs?

Here is a scenerio: you went to school for two different things, and so you have two different degrees. You aren't too keen on either one as a profession, and in fact, don't feel you are good enough in the field to get a good paying job. But you have built up about $30,000 in debt from school loans. What would you do?

PSP question

Hey...i'm trying to make a banner type thing and i want to put a picture up on it but it shows it as a background and i already have a background. i can't get the two to merge. anyone know how?

Need a Website?

Do you need an informational, educational, or promotional website done?

Well, then you can help me out. I just graduated with a degree in multimedia and web design, but I haven;t had any opportunity to make web sites worth showing to potential employers. I am willing to do some websites for free (with rational limits on time, size, and design and what have you).

E-mail me if you are interested so we can discuss the issue.
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Of selling art...

A crosspost for those of you who've friended my journal.

I have a question for those of you who are artists or know artists... How does one go about selling one's work? I mean, I want to start selling prints and perhaps some paintings should I dig out my watercolors again this summer and do some pretty fantasy stuff. I'm aiming for art like this in terms of selling stuff...

1. Do you think her art is overpriced?
2. Do you think my stuff would sell well?
3. Any suggestions on what to do and where to promote it?
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