April 23rd, 2003

It's All Good
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So, have you ever been stupid, and posted something to a community that you intended to post to your personal journal?
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What would the perfect birthday gift for you be? Why?

The perfect birthday gift for me would be Marilyn Manson. I just have the strongest urge right now to lick him.

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Why is it that LJ Terms of Service say clearly that you can't post information or material that promotes harm to others, or to yourself, or anything obscene yet there are pro-ana and pro-cutting communities all over LJ??!
Some communities of course like self-harm and anorexia communities are fine and are there to help people with real problems, but I'm talking about the communities that glorify cutting and anorexia.
Yes, if you have an eating disorder or you self-harm you shouldn't be ashamed, but you certainly shouldn't be incouraging other people to do it or glorifying these things, espeshaly not something like anorexia which can be so leathal.
These people make me so mad, why does Lj condone these sick individuals?
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Another Question

Do any of you use Graycards to aid in metering exposure? I picked up a few and am going to use them in conjunction with the better professional quality films I got. I am hoping to change results from this

to This

Can anyone tell me if these Graycards help. I was using Kodak ISO 400 film. I am now using Velvia, Sensia, Portra, Provia, and the like.
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There is a commercial for some sort of service (army or navy or etc.) running that at the beginning asks "If your life was a book - would others read it?" Do you think others would? and what type of book would it be?

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Stargazer Lily

sex and acne?

anyone know if a lack of sex can cause more frequent break outs because of hormone stuff??

i haven't had really good sex in a few months and my hormones are raginging. but i'm breaking out too! and i'm on ortho-tricyclen!
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Do you want to buy a computer?

It's my old one, HP Pavilion model 6553. It's about 3 years old, and runs very well. I only got rid of it because I wanted to upgrade and finally have the money. It's got a 12gb hard drive, 128 memory, ethernet card/modem, cd rom and floppy drives. It's running Windows 98 (the original system it came with) and I just wiped it so whoever buys it can start fresh. It's really been a great computer for me and I feel bad watching it sit there all alone on my floor. I'm asking 250 (with monitor) but if you've got some other amount you want to pay, we can talk about that too. I'm located in far western Massachusetts, so if you're nearby that would be helpful, we can figure out something if you're elsewhere, I'm sure. Contact info is in my profile, or just comment on this post.


hey everyone...

...id like to know one of the songz from 'cradle 2 the grave'.Would you guyz know which song does Gabrielle Union give the sultry lap dance to da baddie?

Thanks soo much

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How do you get to sleep when you're totally stressed out?

Thanks for all the advice! Between two glasses of wine, one textbook on mideval engineering, and concentrating on that black background, I was able to get considerably more sleep last night than I did the night before.
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