April 20th, 2003


Measure this

Does anyone know the average penis size (length and girth) for adult males? I'll take scientific answers and guestimates. I'm just wondering if there really an average.
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Guys: what's the thing that grabs your interest about a girl? What turns you on to a girl at the beginning? And what is it that holds your interest?

Girls: ditto, about the guys.
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I'm going to buy my first car (that's not a hand-me-down) within the next month. I've got about 3k saved for down payment and assorted new car costs. I want something new-ish (like 2000 or newer), preferably not over 8k. Do you have any kind of car you'd recommend to me? Or any advice in general about the car shopping and buying experience?

hoorah for confusion

society's really got me bugged... i'm just wondering if i'm the only person who thinks it's perfectly possible to love other men in a very deep/caring, but in a non-sexual way.. wanting to be close to them.. hugs, sleeping in the same bed, and stuff.. and still be heterosexual

see the idea with sex with another guy is not exactly a turn on i would say (in my opinion that is, if you like the sort of thing please don't be offended!) .. i suppose that's normal for a heterosexual male. but at the sametime.. when i'm in bed at night i have "fantasies" or whatever you want to call it of sleeping with one of my male friends.. in the literal sense.. under the blanket and top sheet.. arms wrapped around each other asleep in peace and bliss. i feel the same way about a lot of females too. and a lot of it has to do with emotions and/or personality.. i'm just not the type to share a bed with a complete stranger, no matter how "hot".. i know a lot of people consider the personality thing b.s. or whatever, but while, sure, looks can be/are an important factor, i do tend to fall in love/like with a person because of their personality.

but i keep getting slapped back to reality with the limitations of society. or maybe society is right.. maybe being heterosexual and having these feelings shows i need to seek professional help, do i need to seek professional help?

oh and obviously i'm talking about american society. are other societies more open minded about such things that i have talked about or is the whole world pretty much the same about all this?

i guess the thing i'm REALLY trying to ask is.. am i alone when it comes to these feelings? i'd be especially interested if other heterosexual males have similiar type feelings as i do.
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Windows XP and www.live365.com

I absolutely LOVE www.live365.com, the internet radio station, I've been listening to them over a year now. Just recently I got a new computer and Windows XP came standard on it. For the first week I had no problems listening to the internet radio station but now, something happened. I can't get it to play. Does anyone here have XP and do they have problems with internet radio?

i wish i could decorate an easter egg.

if you were asked to lead a cult or some kind of other organized underground society, what would your mission be?

i want to lead the "let me crash on your couch tonight society".
thus each member would only have to spend one night in his or her house a year.
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I'm writing an article for no other reason than to throw it up on a friend's website. There will be several articles, and I'd like some input :)
If you would like to influence these articles, please help me out by answering the questions over the next few days. They're mainly written for young males (between the ages of 18-24) who are a bit on the geeky side but still enjoy binge drinking and believing that when their sexual partner is on the pill that its 'safe sex'. The safe sex article will come later this week :P
The questions are really broad, really stereotypical and nothing new. I want your blatant, honest, straightforward views any way you like to put it. I may quote you.

So, a question for the boys -
"How do you pick up chicks?"

A question for the everyone -
Do you prefer to be asked out, or do you like to do the asking?
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Ok so continuing with my car shopping ... I've gotten lots of mixed advice. I'm thinking maybe a Honda if I can find one preowned and cheapish. I'm also thinking Hyundai or Kia because they've got great warranties, are meant to be first-car type cars, and are pretty decent loaded. Anybody have any advice/warnings/rants about any of the above?

Thanks to all who've helped so far, I've been getting lots of great information :)

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Hives..anyone have experience with them? I got all upset yesterday and I have them on the palms of my hands a bit on my feet. I've tried taking benedryl and using calamine lotion..it's not getting better! 24 hours later I swear it's worse. Help!
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