April 19th, 2003

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Has anyone ever found a way to *actually* get the PC version of Final Fantasy VII working for PC if you have a geforce video card? I've tried and looked up the search engines, but I can't find anything that works :(
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1) how many of you imagine being in a relationship with someone, someone you'd never ever really date. I dont mean strictly famous peole either but just someoen in general

for ex there is this guy I went to HS with who I always liked(he was nice to me but we were never friends, we hung out with totally diff people) I went back to visit last year(I grew up in the midwest and live in Cali now) and saw him(It was more close family friends daughters graduation and his little brother was graduating too) he came up and hugged me and we talked and we ended up going out for drinks the next nite) and I think a lot about what it would be lke to date him(even though I have not seem him in over a year and he's prob dating someoen now or wouldn't be interested in me--not to mention the distance)

2) do you have any "cheesy" tv shows you like to watch?

the two examples i can think of are Sister, sister and Dawsons Creek

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ok first off I DID look at the site to try and figure this out but it made no sense to me.

I need to get health insurance and this plan is 59 dollars a month--but what does this mean

Participating Provider
$2,500/member (2-member maximum) All covered benefits
Non-participating Provider
$2,500/member (2-member maximum) All covered benefits

does that mean that i'd have ot pay 2,500 before the insurance kicks in or what. the lowest plan iv'e found is one with a 1,000 deductuble at about 45 a month--so what hten is the point if I understand right the insurance doesnt kick in or pay anything until you meet the deductible, well how the heck can you do that paying around 50 a month it would take 10 months, then you'd have to start paying again the following year.

I'm prob just not getting this, which is why i'm hoping someoen can enlighten me. I'm relativly healthy and have been lucky so far without insurance but I want to get some now. ALso I am limited as to how much i can pay per month so....


I have been considering a back piece for when I have the money, but I am a bit of a coward. Not that the pain bothers me at all, but I am afraid that in 20 or so years I will hate it or regret it. Plus, what if they screw up or I am disappointed? I would be stuck with this image on my back for the rest of my life.

My question: to those of you who got a tattoo, how did you convince yourself that it was a good thing to do, even though you may not like it eventually?