April 17th, 2003


For men in general

Why is it that guys arent forthcoming with their feelings? It used to be, if a guy liked a girl, he asked her out. It was clear that it was a date. Now he'll ask to hang out. Is that a date? should I expect something romantic? I know I should go with the flow, but I, and many other women, like to be in the right mindset. Friends or friendly? I can just go and see how it unfolds, but I'd like to know where his head is at.

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Do any of you have any cds that people look at and wonder WTF do you have that??

I can think of two examples for myself one is the George Clinton Cd I have(which I bought soley for the song Atomic Dog) the other is the Candlebox cd I got in 12th grade. I only like one song on there(Far Behind) the cd was a gift from our class president for all the Seniors, cause that was our Senior song-and even though i've been out of School for 8yrs(and have no desire to go back) it reminds me of my life back then and how much we have all changed(and yes I went to a relatively small school so I was close to my classmates)
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Silly question time!

Tiferkid's post gave me the idea. I'm sure it's been done, but not recently enough that I can be any later to work to post this. :)

How in the blue hell do I ask girls out? :) I don't know how to approach girls, even ones in my classes, and I certainly wouldn't know what to say when I got started. Any advice would be quite helpful. (Not only to me, but to any guy that reads this community, and also possibly yourself, should said same guy ask you out. ;) )
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I found a cool code in some HTML guide that makes the browser window pixelate upon entrance and exit (only works with IE). I tried it in my Livejournal and also I made a little html file that uses it:


The above url also has the code I'm using, but without the little carrot thingies, obviously. Anyway, the leaving part works fine, but the only time it works on entrance is when you go to another website and then go back into the page. What do I need to do to make it pixelate on initial entrance?