April 15th, 2003

Graphics illiterate

Ok, so, Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop? (latest versions)
What's the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator? What's better?
What's a fantastic software, in your opinion, to make web pages?
Or should I start from scratch?
How on earth do I make [gif] icons/What do I use to make them?

Web sites with would also help big time, thanks!
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anal bat ross

Does anyone?

Does anyone know what song is playing on the Pepsi commercial, where the teenage boys are at the concert in the mud and they see their parents?

One of the lines is "I'm so tired of masquerading" but it's a really catchy song, and I want to know who does it!

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On speed

This has been bothering me...

I asked this girl for her phone number. I told her that I had seen her around and thought that she was pretty, and then I said, 'I was wondering if I could get your phone number so we could go out sometime.' She said yes and gave me her number. How she gave it seemed like she was really eager to go out with me, she even gave me a hug when before I walked away.

1. Did she seem interested in me?

2. What is the appropriate time frame to call her?

3. Upon calling her, if I get her voice mail what do I do?
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(no subject)

Ok a question for anyone who knows about Fin aid/scholarships.

Say that it costs me(and these are just made up numbers by the way) 6,000 to go to college. I get 4,000 in fin aid and 3,000 in scholarships. Since the total amount exceeds to total cost--do I still get to keep all the fin aid and scholarships or can I only take amounts to cover the cost of classes and books. If I can keep the extra money--can I spend it to pay off other bills(say Credit card)

I'm just wondering because when I went to school in IL(years ago) my Fin aid covered 70 percent of my school costs(and my first semester I also had 2 scholarships)

I've gone back to school this past semester and am only taking 2 classes but next fall i'm taking 15hrs(and Yes I know California is very inexpensive) but I still am applying for Fin aid and trying for about 5 diff scholarships. I highly doubt i'll make enough to have all my school costs covered--but if I do, how does that work with the excess money. Do you have to tell the fin aid place if you win scholarships and do they then reduce the amount of your grants or what??


btw I tried doing google search for this and lookign at the FAFSA page but I couldnt find the answer.
On speed

(no subject)

Here is a series of random questions. Choose those you wish to answer. Apply logic where you believe logic applies. Have fun.

1. If you could have any irregular super-power what would it be? To read the minds of women born in August.

2. When should one become worried: when the silent man becomes loud or when the loud man becomes silent?

3. With the exemption of the numbers 420 & 69, what are your lucky numbers?

4. If you could be one celebrity for one day, and they would become you, who would you be? Why?

5. Bass-fishing: national pass-time or misunderstood sport?

6. Cake or death?

7. Chicken or fish?

8. What is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything?

9. Which is more important: the journey or the destination?

10. Does anyone know how to properly download video-game ROMs onto the computer without going insane? And if you do you could you show me some how?
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(no subject)

1) does anyone know how ot make an Amoretto Stone sour? It's one of my favorite drinks and I had it all the time when I lived in IL and no bartenders here in California(that i've been too) know how to make it. and NO, it's not just an amoretto sour either.

2) does anyhone remember those Pepsi Summer Chill out commericals from around 1990 or so, the ones where they did the funky hand motions?
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(no subject)

Do you have business cards?
Do you give them out to people you meet?
Do you think it's odd to get them from people who don't have a business on them, like students?
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(no subject)

does anyone else hate people who think that stupid chain emails actually WORK?

do you just want to kick people who send them to you over and over again?

or poke them to death with a spoon?

kick...brutally poke to death with a spoon....same difference..

**drifts off into a world where annoying, chain lettering emailing people do not exist**
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Fellow Americans....

...have you filed your taxes?

If so, when did you do so? Have you ever missed the April 15 deadline?

I file mine as soon as I get all my documents, usually the last week of January/first week of February. I hate doing them, but I love the feeling of having them finished.
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