April 13th, 2003



what are the worst things your town is known for?
mine would be pothouses/grow-ops, which are literally on every street, and hookers...i went hooker hunting with my friend a little while ago...it's kinda funny cause she looked like a totally normal person, jsut wearing long pants and a long shirt, but when we drove by, she stood up straight and stuck her chest out.
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Have you ever been told you look like anyone famous?? if so who and do you think it's true.

I've been told by a ton of people that I look like Christina Ricci--I am to the point where I kinda belive it cause even strangers tell me that. I"ve also had a few peopel tell me I resemble Jessica Alba, but I think they need to get an eye examination cause I look nothing like her IMO

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Has anyone ever had a weird OMG coincidental type of experience. I dont know if coincidene is the word i'm looking for--but I'll share mine and you can get what I'm asking.

I want to work at a Children's hospital for a living, so I signed up to volunteer at a local hosp(hopefully in the Pediatrics area) My interview is next Friday and the lady who called to set it up had looked at my resume. She saw where I worked in HS(I bussed tables at a restaraunt for 2yrs) so she mentioned where I worked and said that she had been there. Now bear in Mind I live in Cali now but I grew up in a small town in IL(3hrs away from Chicago) a small town of 5,000. Not only had she been to the restaraunt I worked at, in my small town, but her brother and sister in law live there and her niece went to my HS--and was in my grade. We graduated together and went to school together in Jr high and HS. That was just weird and very random.
random//my dumb face


If you could instantly learn any ability like they do in The Matrix, what would you learn?

And because I know I certainly wouldn't be able to pick just one, let's say we pick three. ^_^

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mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx


*waves* i've been in this community for a long time, but i'm finally going to post all the questions that i have.

1.) what is the plural form of lexus? is it lexuses or lexi or something?

2.) what is a lexus, other than a car?

3.) i feel really stupid for asking this, but what exactly do the yellow ribbons mean/symbolize? people tie them outside on trees and stuff and i think its something to do with the war, but i don't really know...

4.) does anyone know what kind of paint they use on baseball feilds for team logos and such? its just that i don't seem to notice them washing away in rain, but they can be taken off somehow when new teams come to play at the field and have their logo put there.

i know i have more but i can't remember them now x.x
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I can often remember my dreams - though I remember my nightmares more vividly and for longer. Lately I have noticed that I have become more of a bystander then a participant in my dreams (like I am watching TV or something).

Can you remember your dreams? Are you ever a bystander? What do you think this means?
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What's one of the biggest little things that bother you.

Me, it's when people leave the cupboards open in the kitchen. It seems like every time I walk in the kitchen, every single cupboard has been left open *only* to annoy me. Like, what's the point of having them if you're just going to LEAVE THEM OPEN! </rant>
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When I was driving home from the mall last night they were doing construction on the road. They warned everyone about 4 or so miles ahead that the left lane was going to be closed. I almost immediately merged over to the right - but many cars did not. Some people waited until yards were left before merging over. What almost irks me more is that people still willingly let them in. I don't understand this - why is it that people think they are in more of a hurry then the rest of us?

Are you one of those people who waits until the last moment to merge? Or one of those people who willingly let them in? why??
And am I the only person that is driven to distraction while experiencing this?
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be my valentines.

quicktime export

i'm trying to export still frames from an .avi in quicktime player for mac os 10.2 into photoshop, and quicktime's help documents keep telling me that there is a file > export option. but there's not on my quicktime player, and i'm using v. 6.1, so it's the newest one there is! can anybody tell me what's going on?


what's the biggest thing that's pissed you off lately?? mine's that i have a CRAPPY volleyball team who don't want to move their STUPID BUTTS! and we spent money on the stupid qualifiers and oter teams didn't but it doesn't even matter because tier 2 and tier 1c are now together and that pisses me off so bad! i'm so pissed off i'm gonna cry!!! FRICK sometimes life just hugely sucks BIG TIME!!!!!
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