April 12th, 2003


GPS tips?

I have gadget lust lately. I'm jonesing for a GPS. Any of you out there have one or know much about them? What brands are good, which are crap, do you have one and like it or not like it? I want one I can mount in my car, and also throw in my backpack. I don't need a really expensive, super high-end one. Just one that is not too expensive, user-friendly, yet cool.

Suggestions and/or helpful links?

I hope this is an appropriate question, I'm new here *waves*

just too big

Does anyone here have any experience in the shrinking of t-shirts department? (And I mean intentionally shrinking them)
I have a whole bunch of shirts that I still want to wear but they're a size too big for me. I'm planning on using the dryers in my apartment's laundromat, but before I do so I'd like to get some advice on the subject from someone who has perhaps done this before.
I'd really hate to shrink the shirts too much.
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be my valentines.

semi-transparent png

hey folks, i have been struggling with this semi-transparency crap for awhile now, and i need a bit of assistance. i have a semi-transparent png that i want to use as a background for a table, but it doesn't work. how come? it will show up semi-transparent if i insert it as an image, but not if i try to use it for the background for my table.

i don't really want to mess with stylesheets, since the filters seem, at this point, new enough to be really finnicky in their cross-browser usability.

so. how to do i make my semi-transparent png (or make another one that will) show up semi-transparent as a table background?

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Bathroom sinks

Gawd I hate plumbing sometimes.

Does anyone know how to get the stupid stoppers out of a bathroom sink so I can use a drain tool /auger on it? It seems to be permanently attached to the sink, but I doubt it, because the damn things clog so easy, so there needs to be a way to clear the damn pipe out.

I'm surprised Howstuffworks.com doesn't have a diagram on something like this.

The closest I've been able to come is this page, but it's basically telling me to disassemble the drain trap. Ugh. My auger worked great in our shower, so I'd like to use it in the bathroom sink, but like I said I can't get the stupid stopper out. *sigh*

Ideas anyone?


(no subject)

If you could have a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Me, I would go to Spain and get a little villa on the Mediterranean. Sweeet.
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(no subject)

What are some interests that you have that no one else has?

Some of mine: the word "incognito"; boys with nice lips; patsy irish jerks.
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On speed

Define definition.

Which defines a human being more, experiences or memories?

It seems more liek experiences define a person more than anything else. A memory is just a source of some event, while an experience is not only a source of some event but also the embodiment of the senses at the time.
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(no subject)

why do people pick the kind of music they listen to by who the person who makes it is?

i've noticed that most people do this. Britney Spears for example, some of my friends listen to her, and when i find out, they're all embarrased. i don't get it. Listen to what you want!
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On speed

(no subject)

If you could alter one historical event, for better or for worse, what would it be? Why?

I would have to say it would be the first murder. Murder is by far one of the most perverse things one human being could do to another, and if somehow delay the creation of murder humanity could be in a better place right now.
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On speed

(no subject)

Could our thoughts have an impact on the physical world? Generating a thought creates chemical and electrical re/actions to occur in our brains. Those re/actions travel along various parts of the human brain. In thermodynamics it is discussed that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore the re/actions that happen inside the brain transfer energy from one level to another and energy must be given off in between these transfers. Could that energy react to various other parts of the universe (energy, force, matter) and create thus physically manifest our thought?

(no subject)

i'm feeling icky

any suggestions on how to make myself feel not so...icky?

any little tricks..that work with colds and such to make you better....that you'd like to share?

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