April 11th, 2003

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What in life are you the proudest of and why??

here is my answer which btw is going to sound weird to you all i'm sure :) but it is really what i'm proud of.

I was born about 12wks early(I was born Jan 20th and my due date was Early APril) I only weighed 2 pounds and growing up I heard how I was not excpected to live, I was given a very low chance of survival. Doctors said if I did live, i'd prob end up blind(Preemies often have problems with their eyes and blindess) mentally handicapped,unable to walk etc.. and I didnt. growing up I heard stories of what a fighter I was and whenever i've had a challenge or felt hopeless I think back to how I was not supposed to be here, and how hard I had to fight just to survive(how hard all preemies fight) and how strong I am, and I feel really proud that I was born early and beat the odds.
I think that's a big reason why i'm so hardworking, independent and stubborn even today.
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Maybe I'm weird, but when I'm excercising and stuff, I actually kinda like the sweat smell, it's like "yeah that's the stink of a chick on her way to buffness" or something silly like that. *L* My boyfriend wears deoderant ALL the time, he even puts it on at night, and I think that's weird. ::shrug::

Is there anything weird that you do or like that other people might go "EWW!" at? (I think food was covered already, wasn't it?)
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What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while you were someone's houseguest?

Mine happened about 10 minutes ago, and involves a hand-held shower massager and a gaping hole in the wall.
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Do PS1s use the same AV hookup as Super Nintendo/Nintendo64/Gamecube? I'm pretty sure they do, but my experience with Playstations has been limited, so it couldn't hurt to double check.
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