April 10th, 2003

It's All Good
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Does anyone happen to know of any decent print sources (magazine articles or books) that contain information about the USA PATRIOT act?

I plan on doing a paper on the topic for one of my social science electives later this quarter.
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i need something to wear tomorrow - anybody have any suggestions?

the particulars:

i'm going to a school dance - its not formal or anything...just a blaaaaahy dumb school dance that i got tricked into attending....

i'm going with a bunch of friends....most of whom will probably be drunk

i'm not coming home after school tomorrow so i need to take my clothes to school so that i can get changed after school or whatever...


i am probably the worst decision maker ever.....and i've been having a bad couple of days....so i don't want to make a decision right now...so i need some heeeeelp! anyone care to share what they think i should wear?!?! i'll love you forever if you help meeeeee!
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I've always thought that you weren't supposed to drink alcohol whilst taking a course of antibiotics? Is this true, or am I misinformed, my friend tells me he never holds off alcohol while taking them.

I'm just curious as I've been put on a 3 month course of doxycycline (100mg per day) to treat a rash on my legs and there is nothing in the patient information leaflet about not drinking alcohol.

Anyone know?

One Talent

What's the one thing you have no talent for whatsoever, that you wish you did have a talent for? Something you've tried to do, but just can't?

For me, it's singing. I can't carry a tune, I have no rhythm, I have a tin ear. I've tried to learn, but I still sound terrible.
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are any of you in law school now or have you been in the past(or do you know someone who is, or has been) if so--how busy are you the first year? I am asking because I have a friend in Law School who has not contacted me at all in the past year. now Let me say I KNOW that it's a very very busy time and that in order to be a lawyer you need to do well in the courses and prepare for the bar. So I know that it is Busy, I just want to know if it is so busy that you dont have even a small amt of time to send a b-day card or holiday card or even a short note to say hello, to someone who is supp to be one of your best friends.
I'm havign that situation with a "friend" and I dont want to write her off and be all, well maybe we should not be friends--if she truly is too busy to take say a half hour to go buy a cheap ass 99 cent card(or make a card) and mail it. But I also dont want her to think she can just treat me like shit and not have me care.

so yeah, I dont want to come off as a bitch, which is why I wanted input as to what the business factor really is.

Yeah, I hope this made a bit of sense

(no subject)

1) Can anyone recommend any really scary books? I'd prefer science fiction, but I suppose any genre would be cool.

2) Is there a negative effect of burning incense? Like is it bad for you to inhale it a lot?

3) Why is Leno STILL making Clinton jokes?