April 8th, 2003

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This irks me.

Why does my television screen go from normal to really really dark periodically when I'm playing a dvd? (I should mention it does happen with ever dvd )

Is it my tv or dvd player?

Did I hook up something wrong?

Do you know what I'm talking about?
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Ears and tongue... what an odd combination

My mom brought something to my attention and I was hoping ya'll could give me your insight.

I have my ears pierced but rarely wear earrings because my ears are sensitive. I have to get the nickle free or whatever earrings (which aren't expensive at Wal-Mart but the pickings are slim) or my ears get red and itchy and I can't wear the earrings for more than half an hour at most.

So we were wondering if that could mean anything for my tongue. I bought a new bar for my tongue yesterday, and it's the first one I've put in since getting it pierced. It's not bothering me as of yet (aside from the fact that it's different and taking some time to get used to) but my mom and I were wondering if maybe my tongue was going to be sensitive like my ears.

Any ideas?
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do you think its ok for a school or any organazation really to block websites becasue they provide entertainment? Yes folks, games, nothing over g rated. The reasons im getting for why i cant acess bored.com is beacause it is entertaing. Are we not allowed to have fun or somthing.
Do you think it would be ok if they blocked Live Journal? WOuld that violate freedom of expression?

Sorry.. this cyber patroll is really annoying.. i had to find other veiws on it


What's the deal with black jeans? a particular pair I have never seems to make it through the washing machine without getting a big wet clump of soap on it that doesn't rinse off, requiring a second washing. This last time, however, I washed two other pairs of jeans with these without incident.

It doesn't seem to matter if I fill the machine with water before adding the soap or not. I suppose the liquid soap would solve the problem, but the powder's cheaper.

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How Loud Is Too Loud?

If I can hear your car stereo from two blocks away is that too loud?

If you're having a conversation on the sidewalk across the street from my house, and I'm sitting in front of an open window, and I can hear every word, is that too loud?

If the bass is shaking my floorboards, is that too loud by definition, no matter how close or how far?

Barking dogs?

Idling motorcycles?

What do you all think?
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DDR Dance Pads

Ok, today I'm being impulsive and working on getting a Playstation and some games on Ebay, since I'm finding them for fabulously cheap prices. I did a search for Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pads and found that I could acutally afford a soft pad. The thing is, I'm thinking that hard pads would be better, especially since I'd be playing on carpet (with about a half inch of thick pile). I can't afford the prices I'm seeing for hard pads right now.

So my question is:

Would it work (well enough) to take a soft DDR pad and put a few layers of plywood under it?
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hey y'all

Thanks so much for all your input on my question re: whether the school or parent was responsible for my daughters head injury. I really appreciate it!
I had a long talk with the school administrator today and I think it will be resolved positively. My daughter is much improved, as well.
So..a question to make this a legit post:
I'm planning a trip to New York next year with a good friend of mine. I've never been there before. Anyone have ideas on what we MUST do while we are there, and what is the best time of year to go?
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HTML-Nazi question:

When doing HTML, what is the "accepted" convention for capitalization of HTML tags? I tend to use lower-case, (i.e. <span>) but I recently noticed that Visual Studio does upper-case (i.e. <SPAN>). So... who's "right?"
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