April 7th, 2003

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Is there a combination of food that you like together that most people would either never think of - or never want to think of?

Like for me... I like Nacho Cheese Dorritos with yellow potato salad. I almost use the potato salad as a dip for the chips. And also, salad dipped in spaghetti sauce is pretty good too. Weird huh? But sooo delicious!
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i hope this makes sense

Hopefully people that watch friends will understand what I'm talking about

On Friends, Pheobe was dating this scientist that had to go to Minsk. Does anybody know his name?

The reason I'm asking is because in the TV Guide, I saw a picture of the Simpson's voices and his picture was in it! It is killin me wondering who's voice it is!!!

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What exactly do you do to keep up with your friends entries? I have a bunch of friends and I find it pretty hard to keep up with all of them and comment as much as I would like to so any help is appreciated : )
personal: lucky in love

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Does anyone have any really good book recommendations that I could get at the library? I love girly books the most, but I also love true stories, mysterys, and anything else. I don't really care for westerns or science fictions.

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Have any of you seen the old BBC production of the Narnia books? If you have,

(a) what did you think of them?
(b) do you have any idea if it's possible/where I can get either the sheet music or a recording of the music used?
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Interpretations of Dreams

I had a dream that ALL of my teeth were falling out and crumbling in my mouth. I was saving them in a bag. Some of them-my molars were a mint green color, and peach-yeah I know- weird. The dream involved seeing people that I hadn't seen in years also, and flipping my car over 3 times. I have an overactive brain. Is anyone here good at interpreting dreams and their meanings? Thanks! I hate having dreams of losing my teeth, then getting in a car wreck!
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Can I get some opinions?

This past friday, a classmate of Summer's (my daughter) knocks her head into a table. The school does not mention it to me or make out an incident report at the time. Friday night Summer tells me about it. A huge lump is behind her ear. The weekend passes uneventfully. Monday morning, I ask her teacher about it and she says because she didn't see anything (lump, bruise, injury, etc) she didn't make out a report. 3:30pm Monday, the school calls, says Summer is crying and complaining of a headache and nausea, as well as feeling like she has a fever. I go to the school. Now I'm worried these are secondary symptoms to a more serious head injury than originally thought. Such as a subdural hematoma (clot under the skin) which is very dangerous. I go to the school, tell the director about the whole thing, who tells me the teachers are supposed to report any injuries at all. She also says she will be speaking to Marcus' mother. I take Summer to the ER, pay $50 copay to find out the bump is an infected lymph node caused by the injury and she will need antibiotics to make it go down. The infection is causing the fever and nausea. I pay $28 for medications, and she has to stay home at least one day from school (read: someone has to stay home from work) until the fever is gone. If it doesn't resolve in 1-2 days, we have to go back.
Here's my question: Do I go to Marcus' mother and tell her she needs to pay these medical bills because they were caused by her son, or is the school liable for this?
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