April 6th, 2003

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Who here misses The Celebrity Jeopardy skits on SNL??

also did anyone see that Tv Fun House skit about 3 wks ago(the one that was a cartoon character parody of Hot or Not) and if so, were you laughing as hard as Me and my friends were at it??

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Have you ever read a book that made a huge impact on your life?

are there any books you'd reccomend others read?

My answers:

1) the books that efected me the most are "what Was good About Today" by Carol Kruckeberg and
"Alex, the Life of a Child" by Frank Deford--they are the books that made me want to try to be a Child Life specialst

2) I'd reccomend the above books and also "the Color Purple" The Joy Luck club and many many others, but one I can reccomend that i'm sure hardly anyoen has heard of is "And Ladies of the Club"

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Why did the Cold War end? What kind of effect did it have on the world?

Also, does anyone else use that 2Sync program? I like it a lot, but am a little disappointed I can't use it to read my regular email account. Anyone have anything to say about it that I should know?

One more thing. I hear you can dye clothes by putting them in the washing machine with dye. Is this true? Anything anyone can tell me about this?

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Help Help!

Can someone correctly balance the equation:

H2C2O4 (times) 2H2O + NaOH --->?

If any of you can, I'd love you forever and ever and ever and ever ^^

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A friend and I are planning on a roadtrip. We have about two weeks and we both live in NC. To save money we are going to camp the majority of the time so we don't want to go to any big cities. We don't really have any destination in mind so I thought I would ask everyone here! Where do you think I should take a road trip to with my 2 week vaca? Must be within one weeks drive of NC. but other then that ... tell me your ideas!!


Would any of you be interested in a community for people who are in the process of/starting to/want to form their own band? Like, a place for them to share their ideas, general thoughts about anything related to the subject, any tips they have, lyrics they want to show, etc.