April 5th, 2003


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Is there any kind of alcohol that you just *can't* drink, because you really hate it, it gives you blackouts, or anything else?

It's vodka for me, it makes me get verrrry tired and sick. So in general it's just not cool.
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life goes on quote

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Does it bother you that people are avoiding this war? People are changing the channel if it comes on tv, staying away from online news, and not picking up newspapers. Do you think Americans should be informed about the war and its day-to-day occurrences?

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obscure music

Oi, I'm new here. It took me forever to get around to figuring out how to post on a community... I'm slow like that -_-;

I'm bored, so I'm looking for new songs to download. What's your favorite obscure song that you like a lot, but it seems like no one's ever heard of it?

Also, there's an old song (5 years old at least) that I really like but I never knew the artist or title... it kinda goes "Look around your world pretty baby/is it everything you hoped it'd be?/The wrong guy the wrong situation..." then I can't make out the rest. It drives me crazy, because I've been trying to find it for at least a year!) Does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about?!
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Your Face

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What does the D stand for in the explanations on TV shows?

I know V is for Violence, L is for Language... and the only thing I can think of for D is Drama... but then why dont they put C for Comedy, R for Romance, etc. What is the D???
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