April 3rd, 2003



Does anyone know where the word "illsnidiodic" came from? Before anyone says anything - I know it is not an actual word. I am asking because it came from some movie or TV show I saw years ago and the damn thing is plaguing me all day -I can't remember were it came from! ... it might have come from some kid show or something that I watched over my years babysitting and most likely all I am going to get is blank stares ... but I had to ask. Nonetheless ... it is fun to say "ills-nid-iodic."
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Joan Crawford

There is a line in a Joan Crawford movie in which she says:

"Don't fuck with me fellas, this ain't my first time at the rodeo."

What movie was this? Was this the actual line? Did she realllllly say the F word? I've heard this .wav file many times and it certainly SOUNDS like Joan but with all the impersonations now days I have no clue if it's really her.
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