April 2nd, 2003

Car Question

Today there was a bizarre smell coming from my car. I couldn't smell it outside the car, just inside, or so it seemed. It wasn't a burning smell, like that of new brakes or what have you, but more of a chemical, plastic-esque smell. I haven't had any work on it as of late. Does anyone know what that could be?
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Any women out there like porn? Do you think women are less likely to admit to liking porn? Why or why not? Those women who don't like porn, do you think you would like it if all porn were egalitarian & not (either identified by society or by you personally) sexist? Those women who like porn, do you feel guilty at all for liking it?

(this isn't meant to start a feminist debate. I'm just curious)

April Fool's

Anybody have any great April Fool's jokes pulled on them?

Anybody *pull* any great April Fool's jokes?

The only thing I had was when mailing a letter (just a single envelope, though I wanted it hand-canceled) at the post office, and the guy told me it would cost $3.
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The internet hates me....

How do I find out about the location of a train station?

I'm going to toronto, and I need to take the train there, but I can't seem to find any info on train travel there.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Poetry Help

Ok...I'm trying to find Arthur Sze's poem "Knife at the Jugular" and apparently it does not exist on the internet...does anyone know a site that has it, or does anyone, by chance *which I highly doubt,* have this poem?