March 29th, 2003


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Read my previous post and then read this because I must have worded it wrong because my question wasn't so much about the friends thing. I already have that down.

I was wondering if it's actually possible for us to get back together. I mean does the whole "wait until a "sexual" feeling appears thing possible" Her plan is to spend time with me, get out of the swing of being with jerks and hopefully fall in love with me in the way that would result in us being more than just friends.

We only really broke up because she knows it's not fair to be my girlfriend and not like me in that way, even if she does like me in every other aspect. Like I said she thinks spending time together and talking will help her get used to a nice guy, after having been with jerks so long.

I want it to work but to me is one hell of a long shot.
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Need Advice!!!!!!!!!!

I am getting increasingly impatient with my sister's lack of responsibility and her thoughtlessness. I, age 25, am always expected to be the "responsible one," while my sister has more concern for the person she is dating at the moment than my mother, who, at age 52, has a lot of medical problems and is currently in the hospital.

My sister has no intention of leaving our town, but upon my boyfriend's graduation, we plan on moving to the graduate school of his choice. I am looking forward to a new sense of autonomy. Also, the job market is not good in my field in my town.

I brought this up to her the other day, and asked her if this would be okay. I told her, "You will have to be there for her more. She gets sick often and she may need you to come over and help her from time to time." She said she was okay with this, and that recently she has "finally started to feel like an adult." This made me feel much better.

My sister then proceeded to not call my mother all that day or night to see how she is doing in the hospital. She had no good excuse for it. She just had "other things to do."

I am beside myself with worry over this situation. Do I give up starting my life, both maritally and professionally, to stay in town and do the job of two children? Do I lecture my older sister until I am blue in the face? I can't see myself leaving my mother without knowing that she will be cared for, but I can't see myself staying here with my career going nowhere and my future husband off somewhere else. HELP!
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Auto repair advice

Does anyone know anywhere online or by phone I can call for help with a *&)@(*&#% auto repair that's gotten about 20 times more complicated than it should have? I'm willing to pay, I just need to get my wife's brakes finished so she can go to work tomorrow. Here's my problem as I posted it on the one repair-related message board I could find:

I've been wrestling with some rear disc brakes all day now. The vehicle is a '96 Infiniti I30.

The problem is that one of the caliper pistons doesn't seem to want to retract far enough to make room for the new pads. I feel like I've screwed it clockwise about 50 different times, 3-20 turns each time, and I'm slowly getting there, but I'm scared I'm going to run out of adjustment room. As it is now the piston's boot looks like a tiny squished... innertube or something.

I'm so near the end of my rope I'm tempted to try and leave one of the shims out, but I'm afraid that will cause a lot of brake noise, or maybe worse. I do have some "brake quiet" compound, so would it be ok to leave a shim out so that I can finally get these stupid things finished?

By the way, I did disconnect the ABS actuator, and I've tried opening the bleeder valves to allow easier adjustment, but this thing still seems like it won't open wide enough.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

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I have two questions

1) when is the season Finale of Friends, does anyone know?> and yes i know it's may but what date in May??

2) I am going to be going to LA for 3 days in May and to Denver that same week. What I want to do is buy a RT ticket from Oakland to La thru southwest, for May 22-31st. Then buy a RT ticket from LA to Denver for the 25-31st

since I will be flying into LA from Dnever then taking a diff flight and diff airline from LA to Oakland do I haev to recheck in and go thru the whole secrutiy check again, or is there a way around that. I dont really excpect anyone to know but thought it didnt hurt to ask.
btw, I may also just fly from Denver to LA on the 30th, stay overnite in LA an extra day and then fly from LA to Oakland on the 31st too.