March 27th, 2003

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Truth or fiction?

Another BR related question, but only slightly.

In the book they explain how this boy was born after his mom had an accident. A peice of wood or something was stabbed through her stomach and ended up embedded in part of his head, taking out the part of his brain that felt emotion (thus rendering him a heartless killing machine when the time came, but that's not the point), and I was wondering if this was even possible?

As my best friend and I said, it doesn't matter b/c it's fiction but I'm curious.
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road trip

I'm going on a road trip, leaving tomorrow morning.
I'm downloading songs to my mp3 player.
Care to make any suggestions of good songs to have blaring on the radio on the way to Vegas?
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So I use trillian, because it's cool. Anyway here's my problem:

When my roommate used it the other day it decided to add all 50 billion of her buddies to my contact list under "merged contacts". Everytime I try to delete the merged contact group it signs me off (from trillian, not the internet).

How do I make it go away?
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Guy Names

My boyfriend wants to pick a middle name, since he has none. His first name is Ray and he wants his middle name to have three or more syllables. Any suggestions on a relatively uncommon male middle name that would go well with "Ray"?

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Where did those exclamation points come from to modify words... like angsty!frodo or some such thing (that was the first thing in me head)? Who started using them, I've always wondered.

Do all payphones across the country now cost $.50? I hadn't noticed it until recently. If so, when did this begin?
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"Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize that they weren't little at all, but the things that matter the most."

What little things can you now look back on and wish you'd valued more then?
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