March 26th, 2003

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Battle Royale

(If you've read or seen Battle Royale you can definately tell I've been doing both.)

If you'r class was picked to be plunked down on an island and battle it out until one of you were left alive, meaning you were going to have to kill your friend, and possibly your SO, would you be able to do it, or would you end up dying yourself? Or maybe you'd kill yourself, would you do that?

(If it helps some, remember that in Japanese culture, which is where Battle Royale came from, they have the same people in their classes every year.)

Do you think gender has a roll in your answer? (Like would most guys and girls answer differently?)

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This may be a really obvious question, but I'm finding it hard to clarify this in my head :-S

Could anyone explain to me the differences between:
A broad phonemic transcription of a word
A narrow phonemic transcription of a word
An allophonic transcription of a word
A phonetic transcription of a word.

Obviously, transcription is not my strong point, and I'm getting confused by all the terminology! Thanks, hope someone can help :-)
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Indoor games

It's been a while since I did games so I need suggestions!

I'm looking for indoor group games that do not require much material, mess or moving around. I already have a 'Question & Answer' game lined up (you can also contribute questions here, if you like) and I'm looking for more. I can only take games that don't involve sex or nudity. ;-) Thank you!
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Ok, so we all have friends.. but do we have the friends that are so over the top with thier emotions that they cry _every_ day? I never know what to say to this girl when she crys all the time, sometimes I actually want to slap her one. (In all honesty, I cry everyday but I don't let people know.) Is there a way to _gently_ tell her to pull herself the fuck together and stop making a mockery of herself?
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Flight vs. Invisibility

Hi, I'm new. And I'm not totally sure whether this is on-topic enough, but...

Flight vs. invisibility.

This question is only for you. Whichever you pick, you'll be the only person in the world with that particular superpower. You can't have both. Which do you choose? (And why?)

For clarity: Invisibility means the ability to become transparent at will, including your clothing, but anything you may pick up is visible. Flight means the power to fly at any altitude within the Earth's atmosphere, at speeds up to 1000 mph.

Sorry if this has been done before. You never know.

(Pretty much shamelessly stolen from a particularly good episode of This American Life)
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(no subject)

What's the opposite of reality?

How about realism?

To me the obvious is imagination and idealism respectively, but I was wondering if anyone had any more original answers ;) It seems that the two ought to be more related than they are, but maybe that's just me

Mom with Pancreatitis

My Mom is in the hospital because her chronic pancreatitis has gotten so bad. Does anyone out there know of a good website or book that explains the disease, the surguries and treatments that are available, current medical research, etc? She just keeps getting worse and the doctors don't seem to be making it any better :(.
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Has any one read Sun Tuz's Art of War?
heard of it?
Or am i one of the few people who is a highschool person and read the book.. considering the media quoted it once.. and used a highly unimportant quote.. it made me feel very smart. (edited for spelling later as i shouldnt be working on a spanish project at the same time).