March 23rd, 2003

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I'm looking to pick up Spanish as a third language (in addition to English and French). I've heard several different opinions on those cassette tapes which you set to play when you go to sleep. Some say they don't work, others say they're miracles. Anyone here have any opinions on/experience with these?

And by the way, I'm not entirely relying on tapes to learn the language. I'm adding Spanish as one of my classes my junior year (next year, that is). I just tend to be overly ambitious sometimes.

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This is a matter of opinion, but I'm extremely curious as to anyone's thoughts:

Am I being hypocritical if I am being paid to design a website for a meat distribution company, despite the fact that I'm a strict, hardcore vegan?
Stargazer Lily

AIM Troubleshooting

I am having problems with AIM.. whenever i sign on, it shows my buddy list but not the buddy group, and none of my friends are on line. I know that my name shows up on others' lists and i can receive IM's, but my friends don't show..

what gives?

Venison meat

Does anyone know the calorie/fat content of venison? I have always been told that venison is healthy when compared to red meat. If someone was trying to watch their calorie intake, would deer bologna not be a good thing to eat?
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I was currently reminiscing in my journal about random things that I remember that other people don't and the frustration that can be caused by that.

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Do you ever have problems with this? You hear a song and get really excited but no one else understands? or you tell a joke or see something that is funny/ironic that no one gets?


Would/Do you prefer to have a good/bad memory?
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