March 20th, 2003


I'm confused!!

So I was just downloading some stuff and it was almost done, but I lost my connection. So I reconnected and restarted the downloads, but they started over from scratch!

If I already have most of the file, why does it need to start over? Can I somehow fix that??

*ps- I just accidentally posted this question in toomuchinfo and it ended up being really funny.

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I was wondering, does anybody know of some reliable news sources for what's really going on in Iraq right now?

I'm tres unimpressed with the lying translators and looped footage from one camera...
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from a film score junkie

Does anyone know if there's a soundtrack to The Ring? I love the music but I can't find the OST. >_< What about Ringu? I LOVED the music that played on the menu. (Annoyed the crap out of my boyfriend when it kept repeating b/c I wouldn't take the dvd out.)
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Stargazer Lily


Does anyone have experience with living with or knowing a 'collector' by this i mean someone who can't throw things away.. my father is like this.. we have tons of stuff in our house and garage.. our basement is a fire hazard.. and he doesn't admit dto having a problem.. my family has exhausted all efforts to make things better.. if we threw stuff away, he'd just go after it..

any suggestions on how to go about this again?

Snapple & the KKK

I recently heard a rumor that there was an association between Snapple and the KKK. Usually, I would shrug off these types of rumors, but since the KKK is involved, I have to ask. I have spoken to multiple people who all confirmed that they too have heard about such a connection. Anyone know anything about this?

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So, we are having the war..

..Ok I'm lost and I wanted to seek counsil from my old social studies teacher but he was too busy.. my question being

It's a war, we win, we get rid of Saddam and his kin and 'liberate' the peoples of Iraq.

Then what? What will come next? We point an advisior like in China, stay on good terms? No more problems? The people are liberated, WHERE DOES IT GO FROM THERE? Are things really going to be better?
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