March 19th, 2003



You have numbers ranging from 1-12. They all have to add up to 26 *in line*.
So each line has 4 circles, and each line has to add up to 26.
You cannot use each number *1-12* more than once.
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Canada and America

I am almost afraid to ask but - is there any reason why a large amount of Canadians don't like Americans? I am not talking about our current government issues but normal times and the general populace. I had a friend here once who did not like Canadians and I could never understand (nor could she give me a viable reason). I have always been fine with most other countries and fond of Canada but when I watch news shows with public forums from Canada I always witness so much anger toward Americans (this is long before the current issues).

Or – is the information I have gathered on the news wrong and in general most Canadians are okay with Americans?
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Last October, I went swimming at a local club and got a terrible headache from the chemicals in the pool or something. I even blacked out (is that the right term?) for a couple seconds on the way home, and in the subsequent weeks I had a lot of trouble walking and standing up. It faded off a little bit, but I still lose my vision and get a little buzzed whenever I stand up from sitting for awhile or when I get any sort of exercise. When I wake up in the morning, my head feels like it weighs a ton and it takes a lot of strength to actually get out of bed. On top of that, I feel like I have a perpetual migraine. These things never happened to me prior to the incident at the pool. And I know none of this is drug/alchohol related, as I don't do any of that stuff.

What might be wrong with me?
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Forget everything you might now about how much you're supposed to weigh for your height, how much your "ideal weight" is, everything like that!

In YOUR opinion what is fat for you? Like at what weight would you honest think you're fat at?

And I suppose telling your height would help too.
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