March 17th, 2003


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Okay. I am an agnostic and I'm interested in other faiths and ideas, but... where's the point where you say this is bullshit? A bunch of my friends are pagan, but not "normal" pagan. That sounds bad, but I'm gonna keep going anyway. One of them believes she's inhabited by the Norse goddess Freya, another has a demon living inside her, and the third supposedly has an earth and lighting elemental in her. They claim to see fairies on a regular basis as well as ghosts that they seem to have control of. The Freya girl's boyfriend says he literally dies every new moon. I love these people because they're my friends, but every time I talk to them they start talking about seeing these beings and it's a bit unnerving. Sometimes I think they do it because they know it unsettles me. How can I continue to hang out with them all the time when I'm starting to look at them as crazy people? How can I get them to stop scaring me or to keep myself from being weirded out? If you are pagan, is this stuff normal in some circles? I used to be, but I never encountered people like this until they started doing this stuff.
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Grand Theft Auto

I'm big into cosplaying at anime cons, but I can't really sew so I can't make my boyfriend any of the few costumes he'd be willing to do. >_<

The thing is, he's really into Grand Theft Auto, so I was thinking maybe for giggles I could get him to dress as one of the guys from either game. But I haven't played them, so is there a girl from either game that I could dress as? I figure something like that wouldn't be too hard to get a costume for (it's regular clothes, and I can modify those somewhat easily), and it would just be something silly to do.

And if anyone has pictures that would help greatly. I wanna pop the idea on him with me already knowing who I'd be.
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Ehh.. it's a sticky situation I have here....

I should have just quit my other job and not started this one at JC Pennys, but I wanted the money. I have only been there a week, and I just now realized how much time I will need off for things for school. The managers dont seem to happy, and I dont want to inconvienience them and have to have them fire me, but theres nothing else I can do; I NEED these days off. How do I go about telling my new manager/ what do I do?
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I'm contemplating Engineering as my University major, a backup plan to Architecture, my first love. What kinds of branches of Engineering pertain to design and such, because I can't see myself not exploring my creative side..
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