March 16th, 2003

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My trendy little apartment feels lifeless and dead. How can I wake it up again?
I just want to feel at home here, and I dont. How can I change this before I move (two months)? Any tips for making a happy house?
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thank you

thank you to everyone who has been answering my computer questions lately.... it's been frustrating. About my RDRAM question... I read my manual and I have to install pairs.... which is frustrating since they sell them in individual sticks so I had to order another stick.... something I really don't have the money for right now but oh well.... when I'm all done I'll have plenty of memory. XD WHY do they sell them individually if you have to install them in pairs? >_<

About the DVD question.... I'm going to look into that DVDgenie.... that sounds pretty cool for removing the region thing on my computer's DVD player. I think this whole region encoding thing is retarded. I'm going to ask another question about this now. shippo said something about Japan and Europe being the same Region but Japan uses NTSC like we do and Europe is PAL (which I knew). So... does anyone know.... if one bought a Region 2 (not region-free) DVD player from Japan could one hook it up to one of our TV's? I don't need completely region free since I have my own DVD players for our DVD's any goal is really only to be able to watch Region 2 DVD's. Or... does anyone know where I could get more information about this?
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A few questions...

1 - I want to see the movie Chicago, but I've convinced myself that it's another Moulin Rouge, which isn't good. I mainly didn't like Moulin Rouge because of the sparatic singing about random things, and I thought that was uncool. So.. is Chicago like that?

2 - If you fell in love with/had strong feelings for your best friend, would you go for telling him/her and risk ruining everything, or would you ignore it (considering the fact that you're pretty sure he/she doesn't feel the same way).

3 - What is your favorite Shakespearean play?
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Salary Requirements

I am currently in the process of sending out resumes to try and find a new job. I keep coming across, "please send resume and salary requirements". I have never been comfortable listing a salary in my cover letter. I do not want to be presumptious, nor do I want to put myself in the position of requesting much less than they would have provided. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about this professionally?
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Random Questions

So Im bored, and I just have random questions... this is my first time posting here...

1. Favorite alchoholic drink... and recipe? (Im looking for a new drink)

2. Stay at your job because you make GOOD money but you hate it... or look for a new job even if it means you have to take a pay cut?

3. Favorite Holiday and why?

4. All time favorite movie?
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