March 9th, 2003

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Okay I have to ask

Does anyone know of a good way to tie up the ends of that jelly-type elastic string? You know the clear-ish kind. I'm sorry this question is so retarded, but I'm killing myself over here tring to tie this bracelet. Or maybe do you know if there is a special how-to-tie-elastic community where I could ask and someone might know?
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ooooooH, this is sexy. yeah! oooooh.

Whats the sexiest song you've ever heard?

I just downloaded this Thievery Corporation featuring Pizzicato 5 song and maaaaaan is it super sexy! You should download it too. I think the name of it is Porno 3003, but it doesn't sound like porno music, it's just awesomely sexified.
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Alcohol/Synthehol Poll

This is an issue currently being debated on the USS Murgatroid...

Ever since the Ferengi "sold" Starfleet on their alcohol-replacement, synthehol, real alcohol has been mostly banned on Starfleet ships, much as Romulan Ale always was. Replicators won't create it, and unless you're a posh ship like the Enterprise with their own bar and bartender (big whoopie for them) you can't requisition any. Keeping the Murgatroid crew supplied with alcohol has required a number of "colorful" endeavors, like providing gold on the black market to the green Orion syndicate for blue Romulan Ale... The process is almost as technicolor as the results the next morning. But, back to the original idea, vis-a-vis the Ferengi foisting synthehol on Starfleet...

Should this be considered an act of war?

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pop ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry if this has been covered before...

for once and for all, I want to get stupid pop ups off my computer screen, how do I go about doing that? they're stemming from but I can't find anything to delete on my computer that would make it all go away. I have a pop up stopper program but I'd really rather they be gone for good. any ideas?
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(no subject)

I'm writing a paper on "The Dead" by James Joyce, in which the main character's name is Gabriel.

Could you please explain to me exactly who Gabriel (the angel) was and what he was like? What did he do? What was he like?

I would like to contrast the angel to the character, but I really don't know enough about the angel to do so.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
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Free stuff!!!

I love internet freebies and coupons and stuff, but last time I tried getting some I ended up almost ordering stuff. So does anyone know of any neato freebies (and coupons! they're important!) that I can get without accidentally ordering a book or something? ^_^
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any provacative facts/statistics about the current economic/environmental state of the USA?

Also, does anyone know of any alarming quotes said by any of our nations leaders recently, preferably about current issues? Something like "99% of our imports are from other countries" - George Bush.