March 8th, 2003

It's All Good
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Today, a few friends and I went to a bowling alley/bar/arcade for a few hours of drinking and Dance Dance Revolution. On the machine -- a Japanese DDRMax 2 machine (I think) -- there were two slots that looked like Playstation memory cards.

Any idea what they're for?
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Movie Name?

Hey, I was just reading alittlesunshine's entry about sociology some posts back and it got me thinking about a movie. I don't remember what it's called I can't remember who is in it. But the story is 3 kids are in college (2 guys 1 chick) they all share the same house anyway, they spread a rumor about two people having sex and they watch how fast it grows and how the rumor changes

Anyway, the chick that the rumor was about keeps denying it, and she is actually an ex-gf of one of the guys that started to spread the rumor (if I remember right, he raped her) anyway, that guy that dated the chick in the rumor in high school, had a fight with the guy that the rumor was about near the end of the movie.

Then, he gets back to his house and police come and he 'shoots' the chick that he lives with. And that's all I remember. It's bugging me now that I don't know it. =/ HELP ME!

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yet another computer question....

I want to scream I really do. Okay I have a brand new computer... P4 2.4 GHz.... blah blah blah. I bought a new printer the Epson Stylus CX5200 and installed it. Just fine yesterday. I turn the printer on today and it won't print.

I've checked the connections, uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, blah blah blah nothing works. It makes photocopies just fine but the computer can't find the printer. It's a USB connection in case you needed to know.... Any suggestions? This is really driving me crazy. >_

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what religious/spiritual belief would you label someone who holds jesus in high esteem (ie, sees him as a prophet, extremely holy, a pinnacle and someone to shape your life after), but do not believe that he IS God and probably didn't resurrect from the dead?