March 7th, 2003

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If I could answer this myself I wouldn't be asking...

I just asked a question but I was away for a little while (like a day or so, but that's long enough) so I'm making up for it now:

I'm getting ready to move, and I may or may not be able to keep my e mail address. The plusses of keeping it would be that it wouldn't be another new thing for me to remember, and I wouldn't have to worry about switching stuff. The plusses of getting rid of it lie mostly in the fact that it confuses the hell out of everyone. I'm torn, either way is good.

Whatcha think? (And of course the part can't be changed)

Change it, or keep it?
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Help me out Y'all

Hey there! I'm new, but I'll save you the introduction. Here's my question...

I have a sociology paper coming up and I am to base it on a movie but from a sociological perspective. For instance I could do it on "deviance" or "social stratification" a good example of social stratification would be "Clueless" but I'm not sure I want to do it on that. I could also do it on stereotypes.

Anyway, I'm looking for some suggestions on a movie that would be good to write from a social view point.

Any ideas???

Cheers to being immature! *sorry for cross-posting*

Do any of you guys use those little kid comebacks to things that make you ..mad i guess? Whenever I'm joking mad or just feel like being bitchy or no reason, I always turn it back on them. Examples:

Brother: What a crappy show!
Me: *being defensive* You're a crappy show.

Brother: This banana is rotten!
Me: You're rotten!

And so on... I think it's a fun things to say, hehe.
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Free Money?

Check this link out if you will. It's a free copy of The Insider's Guide to Finding and Obtaining Government Grants. But yet, I've seen this promoted as a way of getting "free money".

So, is this link intended as a way to legally obtain grant money for actual research, or just a way to dupe the government into handing over a couple of million dollars to someone who wrote a convincing proposal so they can use it for anything except for grant research?

This has been bugging me since I found this document a few evenings ago. Anyone know?
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I'm so worn out right now...

In Boku no Marie (an obscure anime) and a comedy standup I watched recently, they said that no one likes hearing about other people's dreams. That it was boring to hear about what happened in someone else's head.

So my question is: Do you like hearing about other people's dreams?
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Is there a sewing needle that is thinner than a beading needle? Or is there such a thing as an extra fine beading needle out there?

I'm beading a bracelet and my beading needle is too thick for most of my teen tiny beads, and most of them are going to waste.

People Stressing Over Words

ok...i was on this other journal it was feltonfans or something like that and the person who made it asked what the word 'haat' meant and so i explained to her that it meant hott and she just got all defensive and kind of bitchy about it all saying it sounded like something a 12 year old would say...who cares? i like saying i am not at all disturbed that she thinks it's immature. am i her? nooo...
So my question can someone get all emotional over a simple word that is harmless?
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